1. Apple2Droid's Avatar
    Just pre-ordered the mystic green. Got it for $549 with no trade in. Couldn't pass it up. Haven't had a Note since the 5. Excluding the fiasco with the 7. Time to sell my Note 5 now!
    How did you get it for this price without a trade-in?
    Yesterday 09:10 AM
  2. srgonu's Avatar
    I would have if it wasn't 60hz. Even with the plastic back. That thing felt perfect in-hand, whereas the Ultra is too big for full-time one-hand use. Loved using the standard Note10 last year. Just way too many compromises this time around though.
    You said it right. I felt note 10 was perfect size but went with 10+ because of the small battery in 10. Am happy with 10+ but 6.5 inch screen seems to be the sweet spot for me. Both note 20 (same as note 10+) and ultra are big phones and so am not even thinking about upgrade. Looks like with increasing sizes, my next upgrade has to be fold. Hopefully samsung releases fold with spen next year.
    Yesterday 09:42 AM
  3. boufa's Avatar
    I did... for my daughter. She is going from a J7 (ill wait while you look it up) to her first big person phone. Its perfect. With AT&Ts promo, the phone will be free, and only cost me tax and the $200 burner iPhone 7 to trade in.

    I got 2 ultras from me and my other daughter, who pays me for the additional $10 per month cost with the promo.

    Not everything is for everyone...but the note 20 is great for the right person, in the right circumstances.
    Yesterday 02:24 PM
  4. AppleIncider's Avatar
    How did you get it for this price without a trade-in?
    Xfinity mobile has a deal that if you purchase the Note 20, you will receive a $400 visa card. Which I plan on using it to pay on the phone. Ok, it was $599.00 plus tax.
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    Yesterday 04:22 PM
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