1. silverfang77's Avatar
    I have the hotspot on and am streaming video on my PC via WiFi. It's fine until I pick up the phone and do anything over 4G while the hotspot is engaged. It's almost like I overload the connection. The only solution is to enter airplane mode, then exit to reset the connection.

    I had the same problem on my Note 9 and was hoping this phone would be different. Is this a shortcoming of Samsung phones or a limitation of LTE?
    08-21-2020 09:56 PM
  2. anon(10614692)'s Avatar
    It's the technology ie you can't use the same component for 2 different things at the same time.
    silverfang77 likes this.
    08-22-2020 04:25 AM
  3. silverfang77's Avatar
    I suppose that's just the limit.

    Thank you.
    08-22-2020 05:19 AM

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