1. GrooveRite's Avatar
    Just wanted to know if anyone knows and/or has experienced any differences between the two? I'll be purchasing a N20U soon and want to be sure which version to get. I know hotspot/tethering is best on unlocked devices because carrier can't limit your use unless you pay extra for it. Are there any other differences between the two?
    09-23-2020 07:56 AM
  2. arunma's Avatar
    I actually wasn't aware of carriers being unable to limit hotspot usage on unlocked devices. I'll have to look into this some more!

    I can't speak to unlocked devices. But I can say that at home, I get only 20 Mbps or so on my N20U on T-Mobile 5G. However, if I walk just half a mile away from home into a park with a large field, I typically get speeds of up to 300 Mbps (yes 300). Hard to see how one could do any better than this!
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    09-23-2020 10:32 AM
  3. GrooveRite's Avatar
    Wow, thats good to know thanks! I wonder if unlocked devices are getting similar speeds on the same network? Is there anyone who has both and can tell us if there's any difference in speeds between the 2? I'm hoping that its minimal to negligible.
    09-23-2020 06:10 PM

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