1. Hornswoggled's Avatar
    I noticed an announcement back in June about the launch of Samsung Access, a program combining Samsung Care (extended protection) for your phone, 1 TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage, Microsoft 365, and a trade-in option for future Samsung phones. It is sold as a subscription at a monthly price. At the time, the program was only set up for the S20 series. I was hoping they would have a Note 20 option by the time the pre-order period for the Note 20 arrived, but nothing showed up until just recently. Of course, now I have my Note 20 Ultra, having taken advantage of the trade-in offer and pre-order credits.

    The Access program appears to be structured so that you get a new phone at the time you join. I don't see any practical way (or competitive pricing) for joining with an already-acquired phone.

    All-in-all, the program seems a bit convoluted, and with the existing trade-in programs Samsung has been running for the flagship phones over the last several years, Samsung seems to be competing against themselves in a way with Access. As for the timing of when they introduced Access for the S20, I guess I could pass that off as the program just getting started. But when they missed the launch of the Note 20 series by about 6 weeks, it seems like two different divisions of Samsung, where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

    Of course, there could be more to this that I'm not aware of, or I'm missing something else entirely.

    Any other thoughts out there?
    09-26-2020 02:24 PM
  2. pmjj's Avatar
    It looks like it is in effect. And it would include the New Note 20 Ultra. Though I think I am going to stick with the trading in and getting credit. I kind of like paying for the device up front using the credit given. Here is the link for Samsung Access... https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=mAQ8f7Po
    09-27-2020 10:10 PM
  3. Gary02468's Avatar
    It's not a bad deal if you're interested in the extras it comes with (I'm not). But with trade-in credit and pre-order rewards for accessories, the amount I pay to upgrade each year comes to less than the $50/month that Samsung Access costs.
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    09-28-2020 06:59 AM
  4. technutcounselor's Avatar
    I signed up for it after a debacle with the N20U I had through ATT(long story) and now I am turning it back in. I don't want to be locked into that and not ever own the phone. I bought a Pixel 4a and I'm going with the new iphone on their upgrade program. I'll still have the best of both worlds. Access sounds like a good idea, but I'm just not into Samsung phones like I thought. I miss simple OS like vanilla Google and iOS.
    09-28-2020 08:27 AM
  5. SeanD_Colorado's Avatar
    I looked at it briefly and passed. I was intrigued by the Microsoft 365, but it appears to be only the 365 personal I subscribe to and need 365 family. It wasn't going to offset that $99/yr expense from what I could tell.
    09-28-2020 08:42 AM
  6. Hornswoggled's Avatar
    Good feedback folks, thanks. I think it is a pass, at least at this time.
    09-28-2020 06:02 PM

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