10-28-2020 08:40 AM
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  1. jabtano's Avatar
    Hi all. I'm on the ropes. I'm leaning to the Note20 ultra. Even though my wife and her mine-me keep trying to push me to the iphone 12pro. As they tell me it's beter. It's better for whom I ask .
    I really like most of the features of the note20. One can do so much more with it.
    So for you folks who have had it now for a few weeks if you had to do it all over agin ?
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    10-20-2020 06:10 PM
  2. amyf27's Avatar
    I've only had it for 2 days I will definitely do it over again I have also been a Samsung fan for many many years in particular the note wine a close second ago was the s20 ultra I love that phone as well
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    10-20-2020 06:28 PM
  3. o4liberty's Avatar
    The note is a much faster device hands down period!! Take your wife to a store that has both and she will see the difference!!
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    10-20-2020 06:32 PM
  4. Ranjen617's Avatar
    Two weeks and a day here. Absolutely no buyers remorse. I actually feel bad for the iPhone consumers myself with their options. By far the SN20U is on top of the iPhone 12 Pro.
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    10-20-2020 06:55 PM
  5. strikeIII's Avatar
    You definitely get more for your money when buying a Note 20 Ultra compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. At the end of the day it's all user preference.
    10-20-2020 07:03 PM
  6. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    Advance reviews are just showing up and allowed.

    As a junky I always have a couple on hand, and also sometimes I want to see if an issue is with one platform.

    I didn't need the extra features of the Ultra and stuck with N20. Perfect. But lighter helps.

    Unless you are roped into Apple TV, Mac, and "everyone of friends on Facetime and iMessage" Apple watch & Airpods... entire ecosystem is also walled garden.
    The gap of refinement and "just works" plus app integration has gotten smaller.
    I can finally use iCloud on Windows with recent update.

    I like spen even just to talk and click.

    Got $1,000+ to spend on a phone you should be happy with it. Apple has a return policy thru January. So there's that. Also Samsung gave me $$ on my year old iphone as trade-in.
    10-20-2020 07:18 PM
  7. Hermes Hidayat's Avatar
    Everytime i think of buying an iPhone... I remind myself how crappy the aftersales is in Indonesia... But aftersales aside, it depends actually on what you need. The N20U is an awesome phone, especially if you get the SD version.
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    10-20-2020 08:33 PM
  8. jabtano's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. I am indeed going down to my T-Mobile store in Plastow NH. I live in massachusetts 1.4 miles from the nh border. 2 miles from the store no sales tax. The note20 ultra has my name all over it. I did have the note6 some time back so after the OnePlus 7 pro and the LG V60 it's time to come back.
    10-20-2020 08:34 PM
  9. FuzzyB's Avatar
    Yup for sure. It's awesome and hard to put down because there is so much it can do...this is my first Note as I've always had galaxy's and I'm not sure why I waited so long to make the jump!
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    10-20-2020 08:45 PM
  10. Arkidelik's Avatar
    I've had my Note 20 Ultra for 2 weeks now. I'm a longtime iPhone user, but I have no regrets and no urge to buy a 12 Pro Max. I'm currently purchasing more accessories for the Note as we speak.
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    10-20-2020 08:56 PM
  11. SeanD_Colorado's Avatar
    I was a long time iphone user since the first one. I purchased my first Samsung last year with a Note 10+ and upgraded that to a Note 20 Ultra this year.

    I have had it since September and love it. I would definitely replace it with another if I had to buy over again. Love the Spen and use it frequently, particularly for screen off notes. Best of luck with whatever you decide!
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    10-20-2020 09:15 PM
  12. mustang7757's Avatar
    I would buy it again, I usually pretty set when I make a purchase , but I also like other phones lol
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    10-20-2020 09:16 PM
  13. Blasted_1's Avatar
    Long time Samsung fan. Would do it again despite the screen issue not even 2 months in.
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    10-20-2020 09:57 PM
  14. jabtano's Avatar
    Thanks everyone yeah I'm going to get the note20 ultra. It just dose so much more
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    10-21-2020 12:14 AM
  15. mustang7757's Avatar
    Thanks everyone yeah I'm going to get the note20 ultra. It just dose so much more
    You decided color?
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    10-21-2020 12:28 AM
  16. Ranjen617's Avatar
    Thanks everyone yeah I'm going to get the note20 ultra. It just dose so much more
    It really does. I'm a longterm note user myself and comparing up to an iPhone, just isn't there. They've backstepped actually. I do have an old ipod for music while working out and anything Apple is just limited, to me.
    You will love the Ultra...:-)
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    10-21-2020 12:38 AM
  17. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar
    Yes because I returned the Exynos version back to Samsung UK and then purchased it again via WondaMobile to get the Snapdragon version.

    Very happy with it.
    10-21-2020 12:55 AM
  18. BerryBubbles's Avatar
    I have no regrets in purchasing the Note 20U. This is my first Note, my previous Samsungs have been S-Series phones. It's been great so far.

    Let us know how you like your new Note after you are up & running!
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    10-21-2020 02:38 AM
  19. buzzy3970's Avatar
    In a heartbeat. Smooth experience, sleek design and the screen is the best in the biz. Can't go wrong with the note 20 ultra.
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    10-21-2020 02:41 AM
  20. evohicks's Avatar
    For the phone itself and the features it has, yes I would buy again with no hesitation, but not the Exynos version. I am typing this after a full charge with about 9 minutes on screen time and my battery life has drained to 89%

    The standby time on this is pretty bad to be fair and its a shame because I love the phone. It must be a signal issue because my Note 10 was much better, it would have been on at least 95% under the same conditions at work, but it is what it is.

    Let's just hope the Exynos version next year is better
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    10-21-2020 07:41 AM
  21. tadpoles's Avatar
    No buyer's remorse for the N20U. It is the best phone I've ever had and I've had a lot. I also have the Fold 2 and the base Note 20. The Note 20 U is just the better all around phone, though the Fold 2 and Note 20 are great in their own right. The Ultra has the right size, premium build materials, great cameras, power, battery life, IP rating...it's just the complete package that, for me, doesn't seem to sacrifice anything other than a low price.
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    10-21-2020 09:12 AM
  22. Talderon's Avatar
    Had mine since before release (yay for early delivery) and I would 100% buy it again, and even buy the same one (Mystic Black 512GB).

    I have been beating up my phone quite a bit with xCloud (Doom Eternal on my phone anyone?) and so far, flawless with the MOGA controller. WiFi or 5G, it all works great!
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    10-21-2020 09:32 AM
  23. jejb's Avatar
    I've had mu N20U since release day, and I really like it, but I'm not sure I'd buy it again unless/until they fix the no notification for screen off memos bug. That is so much of the reason I buy the Note over any other phone. Very disappointed by that. Makes me want to go back to my Note 9.
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    10-21-2020 09:32 AM
  24. jabtano's Avatar
    Black if the store has it.
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    10-21-2020 10:04 AM
  25. jabtano's Avatar
    You decided color?
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    10-21-2020 10:04 AM
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