1. MarathonMan's Avatar

    Well done comparison. Most Pixel advantages owing to it being one year newer phone.
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    10-26-2021 10:36 AM
  2. Kendahl Titcomb's Avatar
    This video gave me pause to making the Pro my next phone. I literally cancelled my Pro after this. Really it's because I feel like this NEW Pixel is going to be a year behind in many performance elements and may age poorly in performance. Photography may be an entirely different story but for photos are only a portion of my decision. I think a pause to see where this phone will be 1 month or 2 months from now, maybe when Samsung brings the S22 series to light, then I will relook at this phone. Coming from a Note 20 5G I already feel the lack of performance in some areas and I need something that will WOW me. I just feel like the Pixel will keep me wanting
    10-26-2021 01:27 PM
  3. Medevac1's Avatar
    The Pixel 6 Pro looks pretty interesting all right but it's hard to get a good read on how good a product it really is due to the fanboy-like reviews that fail to highlight any deficits or gloss over issues. No device is perfect but you wouldn't know it by the majority of press. XDA Developer's forums highlighted some issues like video capabilities not being on the same level as the camera's widely touted still picture taking abilities or the mediocre battery life. I'll reserve judgement until the Pixel Pro 6 is released into the hands of proconsumers who will put it through it's paces in "the real world" for an extended period of time. I do a lot of mobile photography and a device needs to be capable as both a still picture taking tool as well as being a top of the line video camera. I just don't see the need to move on from my Note 20 Ultra at this point in time as it just does so many things and does them well.
    10-29-2021 01:20 AM
  4. EuroDriver's Avatar
    I tried the Pixel 6 Pro for a week but going back to my Note 20. P6P is overall great but overall N20 is just more refined. Besides the obvious like stylus & memory card slot, small details make a big difference like customizable lock screen clock, saving multiple alarm options, better calendar options, quicker access to settings, close all apps, etc. On the Pixel, auto brightness is horrible. Pictures look much better on the N20 too. Phone moves around inside the official Google case. Finally, some apps on the Pixel have locked up on me a few times in just 1 week. What I did like about the Pixel is a much faster fingerprint reader, great battery life and overall seems snappier. Hopefully the next iteration nails the details.
    12-02-2021 10:47 AM
  5. lyingfromyou's Avatar
    I made the jump on Black Friday.. It's obvious some of the hardware doesn't stack up, I'm surprised that I didn't get remorseful. I think I was just ready for a change!

    Loving it so far!!!

    Pixel 6 Pro vs Note 20 Ultra-screenshot_20211203-143039.jpg
    12-03-2021 06:41 PM

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