1. lordaccord's Avatar
    Recently got a Note 3 and trying to figure out how to do this. I searched on Google/Youtube/Forums but no luck. All I can find are for older Blackberry devices but not BlackBerry 10. Please help.
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    11-29-2013 09:43 PM
  2. godfada's Avatar
    Turn on bluetooth on your phones. Use the bb to look for the samsung, then when u find it, pair it. then click on the samsung phone, and u should get the option to transfer contacts. not too sure about the other stuff.
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    12-19-2013 03:32 PM
  3. hanz solo's Avatar
    Im already save all contact to black berry link in my pc , how to transfer to note 3
    12-28-2013 11:51 AM
  4. piko 72's Avatar
    Install intouchapp on your BB, than install on the note 3 and sync.

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    12-28-2013 01:15 PM

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