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    I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from a Mobilicity dealer on the 7th of last month (November) and it died last night (Saturday 14-Dec), little more than a month old.

    Before going to sleep I made certain that bluetooth was off, wifi was off, and the phone was in airplane mode. Also, I saw that the battery was at 98% so I did not bother to plug it into the charger.

    I woke at about 3:30am and thought to check the time on the phone. Pressing the power button to see the lock screen did nothing. Since then I've tried all the obvious including attaching the charger, connecting to a computer, removing and reinserting the battery, removing and reinserting the battery and the sim, holding the power button down for over a minute, and various permutations of these actions. I tested the battery with a volt meter and it is fully charged. The phone is completely dead. No LED light when charger attached.

    This phone has not been abused, dropped, or wet, nor has it been unlocked or rooted. Hell, I'm just getting used to it!

    I spoke with Samsung this evening and they are emailing shipping labels (hopefully soon). It will take a week or two before I get the phone back.

    I will not bother getting service through Mobilicity, who is my service provider, because they don't do customer service. They don't even have a corporate store location. In fact if you go to the head office (I did) there is no name on the building and the doors are locked. The Mobilicity dealer from whom I bought the phone wants to charge $20 for shipping and handling.

    I'm thinking of changing cell service providers, but Mobilicity wants $40 for the unlock code. A rip-off since my phone is not on a contract, I bought it outright. Probably get the unlock code online for a lot less.

    In the meantime I've put the sim back into my old Nokia E7 so that I have a cell phone for the time being.

    This is not a very good experience with a very expensive phone.
    12-14-2013 11:58 PM
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    Best of luck. Sorry to hear about your experience but that sounds like a legit but seemingly fly by night operation. No office or customer support? Ouch.

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    12-15-2013 12:37 AM

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