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    I bought an S4 about 3-4 months ago. Love it. My girlfriend is stuck with one of my older phones, a BlackBerry Bold. I'm gonna give her my S4 so I bought a Note 3.
    I've tried using the Smart Switch app to move all my info (contacts, pictures, texts...etc) from the S4 to my Note 3. It seems to have transferred everything except all my contacts. Only transferred 10 of my 150-ish contacts.
    Tried using the KIES 3 to do it but you can only have one phone connected at a time.
    Tried using the PC with a Smart Switch download to do the contacts transfer but that didn't go so well. It would seem that's a better option for people switching their info over from a iPhone or Blackberry to an Android device.
    I finally got on Samsung's website and sent them an email describing what has taken place and I hope they can help.
    If not, the Note 3 is going right back for a full refund and my girlfriend will have to endure her Blackberry. I'm not manually inputting 150-ish contacts and their personal info into my Note 3.
    Also tried to import the contacts to my sim card on my S4 and then putting that sim card into the Note 3...still weird things happening. Not all of the contacts could be saved but their personal info like address, birthdate and emails on some weren't saved and now I can't edit them on my Note 3.
    I don't consider myself very tech savy...I get by...appreciate any help more experienced users may have to offer.
    08-10-2014 08:45 PM

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