1. jetguat's Avatar
    Back in the Good old days, there were multiple folks working ROMs for the N3, Verizon I should say. But then the well dried up. I've been on Alliance ROM for a couple of years now. Its solid enough, but I cant help but think that within two years, there hasnt been really any system updates. Even stock VzW is likely got some improvements these days.

    I'm likely to jump ship and get the Note 6 once its out. Thinking of moving my Note 3 to once of my kids. Not sure I should leave Alliance on. Ive been considering getting back to a stock ROM, and then taking whatevers updates might be around.

    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Baseband: N900VVRUCNC4
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0

    Question: If I wanted to go back to stock, quite honestly, I'm not sure how I would do that anymore. Help...

    Question: My son wouldnt need a rooted phone, is there any other reason to STAY on a custom rom?
    05-09-2016 09:36 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Q1: You should be able to use a PC program called Odin to flash the stock ROM/recovery.
    Q2: Some custom ROMs offer more customizations, than stock. Sometimes very useful ones.

    Alternative: A different ROM that is still updated. I am trying to pull up Alliance to see what it looks like.

    Edit: found a ROM that's at least on 5.0: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2760380
    (this is one of the bonuses to staying rooted. I think the Note 3 was finished at 4.4 by Samsung)
    05-09-2016 10:10 AM
  3. jetguat's Avatar
    I should have Odin somewhere. I used it to get Alliance on the Phone. Where can I find the stock VzW roms? How can I be sure which to use?
    I would like stock recovery and vzw rom.
    07-18-2016 12:15 AM
  4. samndiaye899's Avatar
    No got the 5.0 update years ago
    09-04-2016 06:46 AM

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