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    Hi guys, also posted elsewhere but didn't get much help.

    I have been attempting to use QPST's memory debug program to dump the phone's (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) memory. Specifically I'm trying to get the ebi_cs1.bin and ebi_cs1.bin files.

    My problem is that QPST will detect the phone fine when USB Settings are at RNDIS + DM +Modem or DM + Modem + ADB modes but once I try to run the memory debug app, it requests to put the phone in download mode and QPST will no longer detect the phone when it is in download mode. When the phone is in download mode, it also does not come up with a Comport in device manager (hence QPST can't detect it), but ODIN will actually detect it. I must note that when the phone is on and not in download mode though, QPST and ODIN detect it on different comports.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Samsung USB drivers numerous times as well as trying different versions of QPST, two different usb cords, and three different usb ports.
    If anyone has any idea on how to dump these files with QPST or via alternative methods, please help me
    09-12-2017 09:52 PM

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