1. rockos's Avatar
    Hey guys. This will be my first Android phone. Been using iPhone e 4s last several years. Before that several Blackberrys. Would you have your Note 3 sent for waterproofing? I can't see getting another case for the phone it looks to good. I can see having a screen protector of course. Just curious on having it sent to waterproof.
    09-08-2013 09:03 PM
  2. jayp1306's Avatar
    I'd certainly consider it, although who does this?

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    09-08-2013 09:17 PM
  3. rockos's Avatar
    I'd certainly consider it, although who does this?

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    And several others
    09-08-2013 09:35 PM
  4. KevLar72's Avatar
    I would if it didn't harm any of the function/controls
    09-08-2013 09:43 PM
  5. karsdroid's Avatar
    i've never had any water damage on any phone i've owned, so no seems like a needless risk to me.
    09-08-2013 09:46 PM
  6. Nemephosis's Avatar
    Absolutely not. It would be too easy for the slightest imperfection to let water in, and then keep it in.
    09-08-2013 10:38 PM
  7. Cigar-Junkie's Avatar
    I wonder what happens to the moisture indicators during and after the waterproofing?

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    09-09-2013 01:27 AM
  8. brshull's Avatar
    How would you waterproof the stylus hole/holder?
    09-09-2013 03:52 AM
  9. Russ Smith's Avatar
    They waterproof it in a vacuum with very fine coating, inviable to the naked eye. it coats everything including inside the unit, therefore in the s pen slot too.

    from my GT-N7105
    09-09-2013 02:37 PM
  10. Raptor007's Avatar
    I have considered it on the GN3, but not sure I want to spend the money just now.
    09-09-2013 08:52 PM
  11. NoNexus's Avatar
    I don't think I would with a removable battery. On something like a Nexus I would think hard about it

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    09-09-2013 10:49 PM
  12. Raptor007's Avatar
    I watched the video on how they do it, and its a solid product solution. Still not sold on sending my brand new phone out for a few days after I just get it.
    09-10-2013 09:43 PM

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