1. fofjjsr's Avatar
    Ok so I am definitely getting my hands on the new Galaxy Gear watch. However, I am torn whether I want to go to the Note 3 from my S4. Is it worth it? I am having a tough time finding specific spec differences between the two. Could some point me in the write direction or list what the advantage might be over S4 if I wanted the Note 3? I had the Note 2, and never used the SPen. Thanks!
    09-10-2013 05:09 PM
  2. kilofoxtrot's Avatar
    09-10-2013 05:10 PM
  3. MannyZ28's Avatar
    Well first and foremost, do you want a huge phablet or a big smartphone? Once you answer that you can go digging into the specs.

    Note 3 has 3 GB of ram, GS4 has 2
    Note 3 has S800 processor with Adreno 330 GPU, GS4 has S600 with Adreno 320 GPU
    Note 3 has all the features GS4 has plus additional camera featurs and Touchwiz features like Air Command which I actually find useful.

    This decision should be fairly easy. Another thing to remember, it's kind of hard to find the 32 GB version of the GS4 in stores, not sure about online, so you're settled with just 16 GB of which you can use about 9. If you install a lot of apps, especially games, you will run out of room in a hurry. The micro SD card will only help you store data like pictures, movies, videos and music. Seeing how the Note 3 starts with the 32 GB version, there's lots of incentive there to go for the Note 3.

    The decision is yours, the biggest difference obviously is size.
    09-10-2013 06:41 PM
  4. Roundpotato's Avatar
    Beyond the category difference of a larger screen and the S Pen, these are the upgrades so far as I can see in comparison to the S4:

    -1.9 Ghz Snapdragon 600 CPU upgraded to 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon 800 CPU.
    -Adreno 320 GPU upgraded to Adreno 330 GPU.
    -2GB RAM upgraded to 3GB RAM.
    -1080p max video resolution upgraded to 4k max video resolution.
    -USB 2.0 port upgraded to USB 3.0 port.
    -LTE capability upgraded to LTE Advanced capability.
    -Rear facing speaker upgraded to bottom facing speaker.
    -Disgusting glossy back cover upgraded to less disgusting faux leather back cover.
    -Ugly rounded shape upgraded to more squared shape.
    09-10-2013 06:49 PM
  5. conanheath's Avatar
    If you don't use the s-pen then I don't see the point of a Note over S4. Take away the S-pen and the note 3 is just a S4 with .7" more screen. Granted, there are a few more features in multi-window but the S-pen makes the phablet what it is. I honestly don't see the point in other manufactures creating 6" devices without the pen input but that's just my opinion. Just get a tablet and use it for when you need the extra screen. Also, with October update, S4 will work with Gear and I would wait and see what other features may be brought to the S4.

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    09-10-2013 09:34 PM
  6. fofjjsr's Avatar
    Honestly I liked the size of my Note 2. The extra camera features are interesting too. Plus the upgraded software. My question is am I going to have to wait for Verizon to put out an update for my S4 for the galaxy gear? Or will it be by other means? That could influence me right there. Like I said I like the size of the note 2 when I had it.

    Using the Big Red Samsung Galaxy S4
    09-10-2013 10:01 PM
  7. Raptor007's Avatar
    The extra BIG specs on the GN3 make it truly worthy of the purchase. But the GS4 won't support GG until it gets 4.3 so depending on your carrier it could be October until say January before you get it. Yeah I am talking about you Verizon.
    09-10-2013 10:57 PM
  8. Cool Jeff's Avatar
    Note 3:
    -Better screen under sunlight
    -Faster thanks to TW 4.3,S800 and 3GB RAM
    -Same if not slightly better camera
    -40g less and smaller making it cover friendly,one handed friendly and pocket friendly
    -WAY more roms and mods
    10-22-2013 02:44 PM

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