1. Velasca's Avatar
    I've seen a few unboxing videos and realized on the at&t website that they are not including the earbuds with the note 3. Its not a deal breaker, but at $300 and a 2 year agreement is it asking too much for att to leave what Samsung put in the box? I apologize if this is old news, but I didn't see a thread about it.
    09-24-2013 11:51 PM
  2. UsedName's Avatar
    Yup, they been doing this for a while....S3, GN2, S4 and prolly on GN3.
    09-24-2013 11:58 PM
  3. perithimus's Avatar
    Note 2 had no headphones, but my AT&T S3, and S4 both came with headphones.
    XChrisX and 21stNow like this.
    09-25-2013 03:35 AM
  4. XChrisX's Avatar
    Note 2 had no headphones, but my AT&T S3, and S4 both came with headphones.
    I was just going to say, both my S3, and S4 had ear buds.
    09-25-2013 05:56 AM
  5. BeRich's Avatar
    My S2 Skyrocket and S3 came with earbuds, but the more expensive Note 2 didn't and AT&T's website doesn't list earbuds as "what's in the box" on their site. How stupid is that? If a cheaper device has it, why not a more expensive one?? Granted, I have a pair of Heartbeats by Lady Gaga that are pretty freakin' awesome, but I could have given the Samsung pair to my hubby or kept them in the car for when I forgot my good ones.
    09-25-2013 07:48 AM
  6. shrubr's Avatar
    Yeah, note2 didn't come with earbuds. All the earbuds I have gotten from blackberry, ipod just go in the drawer at home anyhow. Spend some $$ on a nice set of Shure earbuds, you will not be disappointed, ever.
    09-25-2013 08:06 AM

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