1. kmp4life#AC's Avatar
    This issue is also happening with my wifes Note 3, we are with Verizon. The issue is when we receive text messages we do not get any notifications or receive any sound alerts. We have to manually go into the Message app to see that we have new text messages.

    I've checked the settings within the Message App, the settings for sounds and notifications. I've done a factory reset (this sucks as reinstalling apps kills my data usage), which once done I get one text message notification with a delay then it reverts back to having this issue. I've cleared the cache and the data for the message app and still this problem exists.

    If it was just my Note 3, I would think its the device, but my wifes Note 3 is having the exact same issue. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to solve it?

    10-14-2013 12:31 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I know you already did a factory reset, but it's still worth trying a cache partition wipe (which erases only temporary system data, not important personal data nor any apps you installed). I think this data should have been wiped anyway with a factory reset, but it's easy enough to try it:

    1. Ensure the device is powered off.
      1. To power off, press and hold the Power button.
      2. Select Power off.
      3. Select OK.
        Allow several seconds for the device to power off.

    2. Press and hold the Home button (located at the bottom) & Volume up key (located on the left edge). With the Home & Volumekeys pressed, press and hold the Power button until Samsung logo appears then release all keys.
    3. Select wipe cache partition.
      Utilize the volume keys to highlight and the Power button to select.
    4. When done, select reboot system now.

    If that doesn't work, then go to your Verizon store and show them what's going on.

    By the way, you don't have any 3rd party messaging apps installed, do you? I wonder if those could interfere with the notifications.

    10-14-2013 01:03 AM
  3. kmp4life#AC's Avatar
    The Samsung.com chat agent had me try that earlier and it didnt work. The pre-installed "Verizon Messages" is installed on it, but thats the only app. But I do plan on going to Verizon tomorrow. I just found it odd and ruled out equipment since me and my wife have the same exact issue.

    10-14-2013 01:09 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Sounds like a plan. One last thing to try would be to disable Verizon Messages (by going to System Settings/Apps/All--or perhaps the App Manager for Samsung devices--then selecting Verizon Messages, and tapping Disable).
    10-14-2013 01:16 AM
  5. kmp4life#AC's Avatar
    there is only an option to "Force Stop" no disable? should i try that or is that only temporary?
    10-14-2013 01:24 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Really? That stinks. Do you see a Disable button that is greyed out?

    Force stopping it is only temporary. There are some preinstalled apps that you can't disable, so I guess that's one of them.
    10-14-2013 01:28 AM
  7. aaronrkelly's Avatar
    OK....I found this thread by Google searching....had the same problem. Ive tried everything and this is what worked for me.

    Uninstall VZ Messages......no matter what setting you have if that thing is on your phone your not going to get notifications to the stock app. Id done it all. Uninstall.....reboot....problem gone.
    10-21-2013 05:13 AM
  8. ltngo86's Avatar
    I am also having that problem, but I am with AT&T. I just recently contacted Samsung Product Support and am waiting for their email to hopefully fix this situation. It's very annoying.
    12-30-2013 11:25 AM
  9. Dame de chat's Avatar
    I know how to fix this!!!! Disable the app "hangouts". I did that and I stayed getting my notifications right away!
    01-05-2014 04:48 PM
  10. Kaylee Hill's Avatar
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Hangouts was the trick for me. After several days or trying to figure this out. I am grateful I found this thread. Thanks Again!!!
    01-19-2014 07:03 PM
  11. meameyfgg's Avatar
    Yes it is Hangouts problem..thank you
    01-20-2014 07:53 AM
  12. islandjunkie's Avatar
    Major props to Dame de chat!

    Dame de chat is right! the culprit is indeed "Hangouts". (l love it when people discover solutions to annoyances)
    On note 3, go to home > settings > general > applications manager. when you see all the listed apps, swipe left/right until the top status tab reveals "all" (for all apps).
    then scroll down (the *long* list) and tap "hangouts". from there, tap "force stop" AND "turn off", and you are good to go.
    messages notifications will return, but we had to send a new message from another phone, then BAM!...5 messages waiting, and the little indicator showed a red "5"

    very happy now

    again high props to the hero of the day: Dame de chat. (cheers at ya!)
    03-21-2014 01:50 AM
  13. docrobotwho's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem.

    I HAD been using a 3rd Party messaging app [CHOMP SMS, now Uninstalled], but when I got the Gear 2 watch, in order to see/receive the messages on the phone, I had to revert back to the Samsung native messaging app.

    And there's no sound or notification in the status bar. Which is really really annoying.

    I have uninstalled HANGOUTS and CHOMP SMS. I still have installed MightyText, which I really like, because it lets me answer/check/send sms from my desktop computer. I suppose I should uninstall it temporarily and see if that fixes something... But I want to have it so, even if uninstall works, my problem isn't solved, y'know?

    The Samsung messaging app is set as the default. Notification settings are "ON."

    I have AT&T (not verizon like the OP)
    05-23-2014 12:41 PM
  14. HQ Fin's Avatar
    Hi all. I a m having problems with my Gear 2 Neo and email texts. I can not see the actual message in emails, only the subject. This started after a factory reset a week ago. No matter what I do I can't fix it. Any ideas?

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-29-2014 01:51 PM
  15. xrik's Avatar

    I too had the same problem. I have an unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 and did a search and found this thread. My carrier is Metro PCS so I knew it was not the carrier that was causing the issue. Once I disabled "Hangouts" my text notifications starting working just fine.

    I LOVE the Verizon messaging app and did not want to change messaging apps so I am glad I found this fix.

    I can't imagine how we even functioned before the internet? If we did not have the resources to forums or help sites to resolve issues, where would we be? Thanks for everyones help!!!
    01-27-2016 11:51 AM

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