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    Big nevermind I think, by pushing on it I snapped it on tightly, all is well in the world again (As long as my home button isn't one of those crooked loose ones, or the phone overheats, or any of the other million things that could still go wrong!)

    Hopefully it wasn't like that for a reason..


    I haven't actually 'assembled' mine yet, but on taking it out of the package, my white Note 3 appears to have some annoying open space between the bottom cover and what I assume is the battery charger port and the rest of the phone. There is no such gap anywhere else, on the sides or the top, it's just on the bottom that the case is not securely on. I don't see this kind of gap on other pictures of the phone.


    Except on mine there is a big ugly gap and the back cover is not snugly on there.

    Is this something fixable after I take it apart to put in the battery/SIM Card or should I return it?

    (Poor quality pictures available on request - I'm crossing my fingers the description alone will suffice.)
    10-14-2013 07:54 PM

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