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    I'm hoping to compile a quick start guide here of all the Note3's not so obvious capabilities. Please add yours below and i"ll add them to the top of the thread.

    Note: many of the options such as air gestures, voice command, etc.. are turned off by default. You will probably want to go into the settings and review everything to see what you want to turn on.

    Running list:
    • Long press home button: list of running apps
    • Quick features menu: swipe down, icon in top right (3 squares and arrows icon)
    • Quick settings menu: swipe down, gear icon
    • Additional quick settings: swipe down (you'll see Wi-Fi, GPS, etc..) then swipe those rigth to left to see more (airplane mode, hands free, etc..)
    • Customize/Edit quick settings: swipe down, 3 squares icon (top right), and then click on the pen to edit which quick settings are shown
    • Multiwindow mode (splitscreen, drag and drop files between apps): Hold back button to reveal the multi-window menu
    • While in multiwindow mode you can click on the blue node (that separates the windows) for additional menus/options. This is also where the multi-tasking option is found for the 2nd window.
    • Handwriting to text mode: hover S Pen over text box, etc... icon appears. Tap icon and start writing.
    • Enable lock screen widgets : Settings -> Lock screen
    • Lock screen wake up voice commands: Settings -> Lock screen -> Wake up in lock screen
    • Lock screen memo: Memo on the lock screen can be enabled under the lock screen settings. To use push button to wake up phone and double tap with S Pen
    • Lock screen: to edit apps shown on the lock screen, swipe to the right for the list and you can add/remove from there.
    • Easy mode: Settings under "Device"
    • My Magazine: home button (short press) or swipe up from bottom
    • One hand mode (minimize thumb stretching across far side of screen): Settings, under "Personal"
    • Screenshot: Power switch + Home button or gesture slowly move across screen (rarely works)
    • Screenwrite (screenshot with writing): air command menu, 3rd icon from left (mountain icon with pen)
    • Add widget/icon to home screen(s): long press a blank area, find your app/widget, drag to screen.
    • S Pen Air command menu: hover pen for a sec, click pen button
    • Air command memo to text: hold pen button and double tap on screen OR bring up air command menu, first choice on left. To use: write a phone number on the sticky note, then click third icon at top(dotted arc with arrow)... this will bring up another menu below the text to send the number to phone, contacts, messaging, email, search, map, or task)
    • Screenwrite (screenshot with writing): air command menu, 3rd icon from left (mountain icon with pen)
    • S Finder: searches entire phone: long press the menu button OR from air command menu, next to last icon = search magnifying glass icon
    • Camera: Different sizes & resolutions (widescreen, 4:3 resolutions) can be found under the Camera app, settings (gear) and then settings (gear) again -> Photo Size
    • Camera: Volume rocker zooms in and out

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