11-23-2018 10:49 AM
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  1. Davidfred1989's Avatar
    I have read this forum over and over. I have a galaxy amp prime, and one day the microphone and voice capabilities have just stopped. Can any one help me. My language and input doesn't and a Google voice option. I know my phone has this because i I used to use it all the time.
    04-28-2017 10:19 PM
  2. Davidfred1989's Avatar
    Did you ever figure out how to regain your microphone? I am in the same predicament. I had one for a long time and then all of a sudden it has vanished. Google voice typing is not an option for me either.
    04-28-2017 10:29 PM
  3. U3962521's Avatar
    I have s7
    and when i try compose an email i have no mic on the keyboard
    but my mate does
    cant work ojt how to get it back have tried all the below suggestions and no luck

    ******* hate this phone
    Anyone have any more ideas how to turn the mic back on on keyboards to allow voice to text?
    05-16-2017 03:24 AM
  4. Barackers's Avatar
    Had the same problem for months on my S5 active. Searched everywhere, no solutions worked but I stumbled on a fix just the other day.

    Settings/Applications Manager/Running
    ...found Samsung Keyboard
    Opened it and there was a Settings button. Hit it and found a check box for Google Voice Typing unchecked.

    I had been to Keyboard settings before, but never this path and those never worked. Somehow this one did.
    05-20-2017 01:06 AM
  5. Ewil1478's Avatar
    Just today noticed that my keyboard was different. Different layout. Then I saw no mic, no swiping and no alternate buttons (ie holding m for ?) I als o had new opr io ns where the mic was, make keyboard smaller, write to text, clipboard And NO MICROPHONE. This seems to be an update issue. Any help getting back my mic would be awesome.

    I have a note 5
    06-25-2017 06:09 PM
  6. finfan313's Avatar
    So I had the problem of losing my Mic when using the keyboard while searching for an app. I use the Mic all the time and had no idea why it was gone. Holding down the icon and choosing the Mic did not work while I was searching.The Mic was not there as a choice. I tried several of the recommendations offered here and nothing. BUT, I went to my text screen and held down the icon and the Mic was there for me to choose. Hope this helps someone. (Galaxy s8)
    09-04-2017 08:44 AM
  7. jamesj24's Avatar
    I fixed the missing microphone icon by using the Reset Settings button on the keyboard menu. The menu path is:

    Settings/General Management/Language and Input/Virtual Keyboard/Samsung Keyboard/Reset Settings
    11-23-2018 10:49 AM
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