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    I meant to post this in the general forum and not the Verizon sub forum - so please excuse the double post.

    I thought I would share this here. The only annoying issue I've had with my Note 3 was the fact that every time I would enter my vehicle, my phone would be involuntarily 'told' to start playing audio upon connecting to Bluetooth (in my case Spotify). Within about 8 - 10 seconds of entering the vehicle, all of a sudden I would have music blasting out the speakers. This 'feature' was quite annoying.

    After lots of research, I found this is a common problem of Bluetooth, upon reconnecting, starting an android audio player automatically without the ability to disable it (note: going to Bluetooth settings and de-selecting 'media audio' from the Bluetooth device does fix the issue, however, you can no longer start a media player when you do want music without first unselecting the option or pressing the Bluetooth device again in settings to 'reconnect' - - so this is not a real fix for me). The issue happens because, at least in my vehicle, the car audio bluetooth system is sending a 'play' command upon sensing a Bluetooth device. There is no way to shut this off on the car side.

    Someone out there on the net, in response to this issue, found a free app in the play store called Media Button Router. It works by sensing the 'play' command and popping up a message allowing the user to select which app to play. However, the magic happens when you install this app and then 'DISABLE' the app by making sure the "ENABLE" button within the app is not checked. Apparently, the app still intercepts the 'play' command but then it does nothing because the app is not "enabled". And that is exactly what I want to happen: nothing.

    This fix works for me. Just install that app, de-select "ENABLE" and close the app. Done. Every time I get in my car now, it connects to Bluetooth and nothing happens. However, if I then go to an audio app, it will play normally over Bluetooth whenever I desire audio.

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    10-31-2013 12:58 PM
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    Well I hate to say it but the problem returned. So much for this fix. Sorry everyone I'll keep on it until I find a fix.

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    11-01-2013 11:45 AM

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