1. Bostjan C's Avatar
    Hi guys.
    2 weeks ago bought SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 and was unpleasently surprised that the new version of KIES3 application for PC does not have a CONTACTS tab.
    One more thing missing in SAMSUNG PC-application is I can only sent SMS from the phone and not from the KIES application
    I got use to it on my previous phone (NOKIA) that I was sending SMS directly from the NOKIA application on the PC.

    Any hints guys how to achieve that on my "preciouss note 3"?
    11-04-2013 07:25 AM
  2. Bostjan C's Avatar
    Is this forum ALIVE?
    11-08-2013 05:17 AM
  3. ccpopham's Avatar
    I have not even loaded kies 3 yet. Have not had a reason to root yet. When I use Kies it is only to root. I use other methods to manage my contacts and didn't know you could send SMS over kies. I use mighty text for texting with another device through my phone.

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    11-08-2013 06:00 AM
  4. Bostjan C's Avatar
    I have the reason that Samsung Galaxy note 3 isn't working with Kies 2. It is only supported in kies 3, which does not have contacts tab (but kies 2 has it).
    11-11-2013 04:04 AM
  5. companionlink's Avatar
    I have the reason that Samsung Galaxy note 3 isn't working with Kies 2. It is only supported in kies 3, which does not have contacts tab (but kies 2 has it).
    In the mean time, use CompanionLink to sync. We support 4.3, 4.4 and all older devices running Android OS 1.6 and higher.

    Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Journal, and Categories are supported. Your choice of USB, WiFi or Cloud sync. Free US-based telephone support, so you can get a hold of us if you need to.

    Outlook sync for Android 4.3 and Android 4.4
    11-12-2013 03:26 PM
  6. pdss's Avatar
    What a great difference between what products one receives from west (Apple, Blackberry, Nokia), what the quality of product, aftersales service or ethics one gets from eatern companies like Samsung.

    Galaxy S4 was launched with aggression early 2013. Launch was just as hyped as S1, S2, S3. Close on the heals of launch of S4 and Note3, much touted feature addition and some fair and honest product features with stability were expected. Far from expectation, Samsung has passed on the product with the following intent raising doubts on the ethical practices:

    1. S4 launched with Android 4.2 however, with the mad race the Samsung has indulged with, to keep the S4 market buoyant, they planned Android 4.3 for Note3 and extended to S4, thinking a carrot would be good. S4 went for a mandatory change to Android 4.3 and what came about now was incompatibility issues.

    2. Samsung knew they were changing S4 to Android 4.3 and yet they made sales with several free bees and offers worth thousands of Indian Rupees to be used for a full year by way of some offer coins which could be redeemed for purchase of ebooks, games, movies etc. This offer was in July-Aug 2013. As soon as S4 was upgraded to Android 4.3 without owners choice, the free bees were gone. Inspite of raising this matter with Samsung, it refused to acknowledge, less apologize and make up for losses, but Samsung simply stopped responding. Samsung knew very well that these free bees worth thousands of Indian Rupees would be withdrawn by Sept during upgrade to 4.3 and if this not unethical, what could be. It has cheated Indian buyers.

    3. Between the inputs from Samsung Customer care and what the Samsung Service Centers tell you, there is a huge difference. Most of the info given at customer care is frustrating, insufficient and um-fullfilling whereas what Service Center does is, just makes the instrument serviceable to factory settings while all the data that is lost is not their concern. Unscrupulously Samsung policies with the mobile division ride on not just unethical practices, but also insensitive and unaccountable practices.

    4. If such a thing were to happen with any western companies, the ethical practices they insist on would have compensated buyers with honesty and dignity. With Blackberry, problems never happen, and if they do, they would be made up with an apology. With Apple, even if they happen once in a while, they too make up, many a times by giving a rough deadline. With Nokia, I havent hurd such problems of ethics. But with Samsung Mobile division, Samsung is getting a bad name. When my friends and relatives, official and professional circle people learnt about this, I learnt that most of the people who had shortlisted Samsung S4 or S5 when it would come, rejected Samsung and have settled down for Blackberry and Apple. Indeed, I realise now after using mobiles for 16 yrs, there are just three brands to trust. Blackberry on the top, Apple to be a good second follower as the features and interface Blackberry has brought in mobile systems, is unique, convenient and unparalleled. It is a pity the world has not caught up with the overnight operators like Samsung Mobiles.

    5. Finally, I must share another observation. Samsung provided mobile firmware upgrade four times between Aug and Nov, one each month. Each firmware takes over 2 GB and the time loss and data loss if an upgrade stalls. The dent of almost 10 GB data in 4 months, and one OS change resulting in App replacement, loss of all offers given at the time of purchase (the coins), cannot be justified within ethical practices at all. It is true that even Apple indulges in providing service providers with a silent source of income, some apps look for upgrade almost each month making up to about a GB of data. With so much data lost and spent on maintaining a subscription with Samsung instrument or Apple instruments. is it really wise to keep a source of mindless expenditure? Blackberry maintenance is practically nothing, even Nokia looks for App upgrades far too often. To live with an evolving OS like Android could be possible if Samsung elects to run ethical business. But they choose not to with eyes open. It is for us to choose to keep eyes open or closed.

    6. Hence, S4 and Note3 have been somewhat a disappointment. The story has not changed since S1 or Galaxy Note. Samsung has run this bluff with Smart phones far too long. By its nature, they have continued to practice similar policies and it is not possible to trust it for S5, S6 or Note4 or whatever they bring in this segment. Undoubtedly, Blackberrry stands as the most trusted, promised product. However, Samsung's simple mobile instrument have been reasonably satisfactory. In comparison to utility and maintenance free life, Nokia sits on top, Samsung sits on second place. In smart phones, Blackberry sits on the top, Apple is next, and I dont think there is any brand which can equal or second or third place to the professionalism offered by Blackberry. Z10 and Z30 should make up for all Smart phone needs. Apple iPads sensibly is not a phone. It indicates exceptional outlook of Blackberry and Apple.

    I wish Blackberry continues the amazing gift of smart phones and Apple ensures Blackberry survives and grows stronger.
    11-29-2013 11:44 PM
  7. Hassan Eldeeb's Avatar
    I can't find any answer for the question !!!!!!!!!!
    04-18-2014 04:12 PM
  8. Camidome's Avatar
    I made contact with Samsung, and they are aware of your problem, as is mine, and doing nothing about it to date.

    They gave me a number to call for Android Support: 1-888-751-4078, which was completely useless.

    It would appear that Samsung is going backwards with functionality and removing what I would consider a vital function.
    The best you can now do with the phone is to back up with Kies 3....albeit it blindly.

    06-21-2014 07:29 AM
  9. moustafaghaddar's Avatar
    If you need to restore an existing backup contacts file: In the "Back up/Restore" tab choose "Restore data" sub tab at the left then press "Find File" button then choose your backup contacts file.
    06-26-2016 07:31 AM

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