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    here's a doozy...it's a read so get comfy.

    i have the n9005 and on at&t. post-paid. unlimited data. had the note 2. have note 3 since it came out.

    this weekend was the first time i went out of state, to las vegas, and data everything worked fine the day i got in, however sometime after 12:30am, my data stopped working. i know after 12:30am bc the last email time stamp. i figured it was just bad coverage in that part of the hotel. however, when i got back to my room, the data still didnt work, even though it worked earlier. i figured that maybe it'll resolve itself in the morning.

    following day, after walking up and down the strip and trying to google something, i kept getting the "no internet connecion" error on chrome. i rebooted several times to no avail.

    i called at&t and they said they did see an outage where i was but no eta on when it'd be fixed. and the outage only impacted data, not voice.

    on the 2nd day, there still wasn't any data, so i called the at&t again, and they said all outages have been resolved. we did several power cycles and they did some resets for my phone, and the data still didnt work.

    decided i'd had enough, and went to an at&t store to have them look into.

    they thought it was the sim card, so we swapped it out for a new one and yet still no data. they said it is most likely the phone. FYI, i've never dropped it, and i have an urban armor gear case on.

    for ****s and giggles, i asked if we could swap an active sim from one of their phones with mine just to see if maybe the new sim card was faulty. i put in one of their personal phone's sim card, and bam! data, everything worked fine. they put my sim card into their phone, and it worked fine. wtf? they got 4G and everything.

    they tell me that i could try to do a data factory reset. but i cant do that until i get back home. now here's where it gets interesting. since i had driven to vegas, i decided to turn on the mobile data, (i turned it off earlier bc my battery was being drained by the mobile data searching for a network) as soon as i crossed the state lines, just to see if maybe being back in my home state would work. and you know what happened? MOBILE DATA WORKED! W....T.....F!

    has anyone else experienced this?

    some add'l info, i use aviate as the launcher, i'm on 4.3, build number ending BMJ1
    11-13-2013 04:24 AM

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