1. pepe4321's Avatar
    This month Galaxy Note III(Exynos) is being released here in Argentina.
    I would like to have the Snapdragon version but it is not available here and will never be.
    I'm going to USA soon and I will have the oportunity to buy an unlocked Note III there.
    Is there any specific unlocked version(with snapdragon) I could buy that will work in Latin America(argentina)?
    I'm concerned about the region lock and the network frequencies.

    Thanks for any help!
    11-13-2013 01:08 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Verizon sells the note 3 factory sim unlocked. What frequencies do you need?

    Sent from my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via Tapatalk Pro
    11-13-2013 05:49 PM
  3. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You'd first need to know which carrier you'll be using it in and which frequencies it's using. Now, if you say the Snapdragon version will never be available there has to be a reason, right? Do you get 4G in your region? If not, then getting the Snapdragon version won't make that much of a difference in "real life" VS the Exynos version.

    3G and GSM will probably work OK but still, you need to check the frequencies of your carrier. Here in Mexico, for instance, AT&T's are usually the versions that work without issues but we do get 4G.

    PS: If you REALLY want a SnapDragon version, there's an International Factory-Unlocked version available.
    11-13-2013 11:35 PM

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