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    Unlike some of my previous phones, this one seems to drain less with WiFi and mobile networks enabled rather than simply mobile networks, providing that it's actually connected to a WiFi network. My assumption here, is that because I'm running 3 EAS accounts, the sync, which is probably happening quite often using push, uses much less power on WiFi vs. Mobile network. I can duplicate this on demand.

    I always leave the phone on 24 hours - and when I go to sleep, on mobile networks only, I would see around 10% drain over 7-8 hours on idle.

    With WiFi and mobile networks enabled, the same 7-8 hours of idle time drains only 3% or so. I have done it a few times over the past week, one night with both on and one night with WiFi off and I always see the same results.

    My previous phones (Blackberry's) have always had higher drain with both radios on, no matter what.
    11-24-2013 12:41 PM

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