1. zeroonefive's Avatar
    Any help/suggestion?
    everytime I try to transfer large files from my PC to my Note3, say, 1.68Gb it goes for about 1 min then I always get something like can't copy.... with skip, skip all, cancel options. UGH! this also happens with my Note 2 and S4 btw. any ideas? I use the original usb cable for this and using a usb 2.0 port
    12-21-2013 04:44 PM
  2. nettech207's Avatar
    try using airdroid great for transferring files from phone to pc you can find it int he playstore
    12-21-2013 04:51 PM
  3. eve6er69's Avatar
    Are you using the kies app or are you just trying to drag and drop?

    Sent from my gameboy color
    12-22-2013 04:16 AM

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