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    i am tired of searching the internet on information about adc values
    can anyone out there please tell me what the adc values should be on default as in without anything close to the proximity sensor or else please just tell me what these adc values stand for????
    I am basically having a problem with the proximity sensor on this phone as during calls the screen goes blank when i bring it close to my face,but it wont turn back on when i take it away....
    also on my galaxy s3 the values by default(without anything close to it)show something around "1,2,2" but on the note 3 it shows around "77,78,80" and that to without anything close to it.
    Please help as the service stations are resulting to be completely useless as they just bloody do a factory reset to the phone and then do some other stuff and well the problem still ain't solved......
    please help.................................
    Thanks in advance.
    01-08-2014 03:47 AM

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