08-12-2014 05:25 AM
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    ***Breakthrough Update: The publisher Aeon has an app that lets you add pen window compatibility to many other apps & puts them right in the PW App Drawer!
    It's called MW-Pen App Enabler.
    Just restart after each app and it will be added to the PW app drawer (or click the edit button on pw drawer and move it)

    I love using my Note 3's pen window function with an assortment of apps...

    I went through my app's in Google Play and listed the ones that are compatible below for my, and your, reference.

    I am reaching out to this community to see what other apps work as well.

    For those unfamiliar with opening alternative apps in pen window (without root) I will give a brief how to...
    -Open a new pen window
    -Choose Internet
    -Go to and click on a play store link IE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...gle.android.gm (gmail) or My apps https://play.google.com/apps open in play store (play will open in a pen window)
    -Now try opening each app...some will open in pen window some will go fullscreen.
    -Report back here with new apps for this list!

    Thank you for your efforts.

    **Kitkat update improves pen window with one caveat...
    To open multiple pen windows you need to close the Internet window after you open an app from the list below. ..Hold home and swipe away the Internet process then repeat with your next app.
    Play store
    Play Music
    Officesuite pro
    Greader pro
    Papryus (crashes when export to drive but is fixed after kitkat update!!)
    Video player
    Astro file manager
    Business calendar pro
    Bacon reader for reddit
    *Lecture Notes
    *Photo editor & photo gallery
    *Oxford Advanced Learners A-Z+
    *Solid Explorer
    *Moon+ Reader Pro (thanks LimuHead)
    *Boat Browser (thanks LimuHead)
    *Myscript Calculator
    *Fiinote (crashes when export to drive but not after kitkat update!)
    *Maxthon Browser
    *ezpdf readrr
    *Adobe Reader
    *Play movies and tv
    *Trulia Rent
    * Meeting Minutes Pro //on Verizon only???\\(thanks lghdroid!)(By Sriman)
    *Outliner (thanks lghdroid!)
    *Naked Browser
    *Puffin Browser
    *BBM BlackBerry Messenger
    *Gmail (Thanks heather_dunphy!)
    *Deliveries package tracker (Thanks heather_dunphy!)
    *Friend caster (Thanks heather_dunphy!)

    *=New to list

    Note 3: Pen window compatible apps. Non rooted devices.  Help compile!-screenshots_2014-04-20-15-00-57.jpg
    01-10-2014 11:39 PM
  2. vpblaze's Avatar
    Remember when Samsung said there were going to add more apps to pen window... Still hasn't happened.

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    01-11-2014 09:27 AM
  3. qualifyordie's Avatar
    Vpblaze, when did Samsung announce that?
    01-12-2014 01:00 PM
  4. vpblaze's Avatar
    I remember watching a demo video of the Note 3 on the release date. A Samsung employee was demonstrating the pen window and showing it off. He mentioned that more apps were going to be available on the pen window shortly. We have only had the 6 since the release.
    I am not saying it's their fault. I just would like more to be available. I am sure app developers would be able to add their own apps if they could to it. Kind of like how they do with multi window.

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    01-12-2014 05:31 PM
  5. qualifyordie's Avatar
    Sure would be nice to have more options available as soon as you open Pen window.
    Have you tried my method?
    Definitely worth the extra steps, then you can leave the chat heads open as you see fit!

    I keep finding more, up to 27 extra possibilities.
    Papryus has a bug when exporting to drive in pen window, but write in a pen window is still better than action memo.

    Anyone have new ones to add??
    01-13-2014 01:34 PM
  6. LimuHead's Avatar
    Moon+ Reader Pro
    Boat Browser

    Why no Android Central app?

    ***update: deleted Scanner Radio Pro
    Posted via Android Central App
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    01-13-2014 03:22 PM
  7. LimuHead's Avatar

    ****(see below!)

    I apologize if I've added repeats. I can't use the double screen with the Android Central app.... ; )

    **** update: deleted MX Player Pro, Polaris Offic, Repligo Reader, Color dictionary.
    Posted via Android Central App
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    01-13-2014 03:28 PM
  8. LimuHead's Avatar
    Oops! Big mistake on my part! I was listing the apps I get in my Double Window drawer, NOT apps I've run through pen window. I assumed they were the same.

    My humble & sincere apologies.

    I'll go check them now to see if my assumption was in error.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-13-2014 06:40 PM
  9. LimuHead's Avatar
    Okay. Errant posts fixed.

    Btw, some double window apps do work, but not all of them.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-13-2014 07:31 PM
  10. qualifyordie's Avatar
    List is up to 31!
    Keep them coming!

    Looks like any app that forces landscape mode doesn't work...
    Why else wouldn't an app work?
    01-14-2014 08:01 PM
  11. qualifyordie's Avatar
    Maxthon Browser also works in pen window! Up to 32 apps!
    01-17-2014 06:22 PM
  12. anon8380037's Avatar
    Thanks for this. I was thinking of this today. I read the thread a little before, but now I caught your post where you apologised and were meaning a list apps that work in Dual Window mode (or whatever it's called).

    Do you have to do anything with the new apps or will they appear in the side bar automatically? I didn't read the whole thread and it's my bedtime.

    EDIT: Yuh. You did say in your first post to try the apps via a browser in the second window.
    It's easier to read these threads on a PC, which is ironic.

    Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
    01-17-2014 07:18 PM
  13. qualifyordie's Avatar
    Hi Madd54,
    This is a list of "pen window" compatible apps.
    Pen window is the last option to the right in air command.
    Once you choose pen window...and draw a box(or L)...then you will be given only 7 options...from here you can open any of the apps in my list with a few additional steps.
    Choose Internet...go herehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.gm (or any play store link)...when asked, choose to open in the play store...play will open...here you can go to any of the apps in my list, click open(or install than open)
    The listed app will open in a new pen window!

    This is an amazing feature! Every Note 3 can do this without rooting!
    Every note 3 user should know about this trick, it is incredibly useful for multi tasking on android.
    Pen window is far superior to multi window and you can have as many open as you want!

    Try this...find new compatible apps I haven't listed...and report back!!!
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    01-18-2014 03:17 AM
  14. anon8380037's Avatar
    Hi Qualify.

    That was hard to input. I tried tripadvisor, and London City Guide when I couldn't get it first time.
    I also tried to "open" from My Apps. No Open button. I will try it another time.
    I found it very hard to see, though I enlarged the pen window.

    I literally was using a magnifying glass to navigate. It helps to have the Play Store already as a bookmark, which I did not.

    I'm sure I'll find it useful in the future, when I get the hang of it. If I keep my phone.

    Sorry I couldn't add some more. I gave it 20 minutes. Regards.
    01-18-2014 07:27 PM
  15. qualifyordie's Avatar
    You can resize the pen window by dragging the edges.
    Also, I only use "Internet" to launch new pen windows, so everytime it opens it displays the last page opened in it...containing the play store link.
    Note 3: Pen window compatible apps. Non rooted devices.  Help compile!-2014-01-18-23-41-07.jpg
    01-18-2014 11:42 PM
  16. anon8380037's Avatar
    Yeh. I made it as big as I could day 1.

    Don't know if increasing the font helps.

    I guess visibility matters less once you have the app you want opened that's suitable for the pen window.

    I partly went for the Note 3 because of eye strain with my GS2's 4.3" screen.
    I should really get specs now I'm 54.

    Posted via Android Central App on Note 3
    01-19-2014 04:32 AM
  17. anon24860's Avatar
    It's kinda cool that when you open Internet and then minimize it, you get a floating Chrome globe icon that you can put anywhere, even if you have a "full" home screen. It'll sit over other icons. And you can move it anywhere you want. That's kinda cool. It's like getting a new dimensional space for an additional icon that can move anywhere on the page. Neat.

    In fact, you can do that for each of the apps in the pen window and leave them up simultaneously and they'll follow you. They are hovering over the screen as I type this. I can move from here to FB and they'll hang around.
    01-19-2014 05:55 AM
  18. qualifyordie's Avatar
    3 more apps added...whatsapp and 2 pdf viewers!
    01-19-2014 05:42 PM
  19. qualifyordie's Avatar
    Up to 38 Apps?
    There's got to be more...
    01-20-2014 08:48 PM
  20. anon8380037's Avatar
    Okay. Errant posts fixed.

    Btw, some double window apps do work, but not all of them.

    Posted via Android Central App
    Sorry this is not really the thread.

    Is it easy to find / add more apps for the multi-window thingy, and have them appear in the side bar list?

    Nice you can have 3 windows open including the pen window.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-22-2014 02:24 PM
  21. lghdroid's Avatar
    Outliner Professional version 1.4.0 works with the Pen Window
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    01-24-2014 02:15 PM
  22. lghdroid's Avatar
    Meeting Minutes Pro also works
    01-24-2014 02:20 PM
  23. qualifyordie's Avatar
    Meeting Minutes Pro didn't work in pen window. Are you sure you don't mean a different app?
    01-25-2014 04:15 PM
  24. qualifyordie's Avatar
    Added 2 new browsers. ..Puffin and Naked.
    01-28-2014 11:47 AM
  25. lghdroid's Avatar
    My version of Meeting Minutes Pro, By Sriman Apps Version 28, release 3.0 works just fine. I just finished a meeting with my boss, took notes in Meeting Minutes Pro using the pen box, synced them so they are available on my Tab. Are you sure you are on the Pro version, and using the latest. BTW, I have a Verizon phone, could there be a difference in the Android Builds?
    02-07-2014 04:11 PM
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