1. Ahmed Hesham's Avatar
    Alright, I can't say this a problem, but it is something weird that I have noticed on my Note 3 and I am not sure if its just something like that or not. So, I noticed that when I call someone or I get call, where ever the name/number appears (top of the screen) the whole thing is just dark green and when I answer or they answer, it becomes light green. Now I had a Note 2 before and when I would get a call or make a call it would be black with the name and number showing and then when I answered it would turn light green and I have also checked a friend's Note 3 and it does not start with a dark green. I am just wondering what is this, and if it is supposed to be that way or if my phone is acting weird lol I would have provided screens but I have no idea how to take a screen while calling or during a note (yeah, I feel silly). So if anyone could just let me know what is going on, that would be grand.
    01-23-2014 08:21 AM
  2. mfldmike's Avatar
    Verizon has an app installed called, "Caller Name ID" that I disabled because it's a subscription based service, there are free ones though.

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    01-23-2014 08:29 AM
  3. ShaggyKids's Avatar
    I think I just got a text/notification that I'm now on a 10 day free trial of this. I've left it in my notification screen for now not clicking on it because I don't know for sure it's not spam or going to auto-subscribe me or something. I figured it was a subscription when I saw it. There are actually 2 messages: 1) Caller Name ID and the beginning of the msg is "You are receiving a free 10 day trial" and 2) says 1 Caller Name ID Result select to see all results.

    I looked in my Apps Manager and found it and turned it off. Is that all I need to do in order to not wind up subscribed? I have a feeling since it did it's dirty job once it's going to auto-subscribe me after the 10 day trial. Just to make sure it's the same app, it's a bright green and black icon.
    02-20-2014 10:02 AM
  4. dpham00's Avatar
    So long as you don't agree, the trial subscription would just run out and you won't be charged anything. This is included on all the Verizon phones that I have bought.

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    02-20-2014 10:17 AM
  5. ShaggyKids's Avatar
    Ok, Thank you so much.

    Deb from my Note 3
    02-20-2014 10:18 AM

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