1. Lilshaq65's Avatar
    I have the settings turnt on in settings but it it's not vibrating when I press the keys on the bottom like it should. Anyone having this issue and kno how to fix it??

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    01-24-2014 04:59 PM
  2. missmawarlina's Avatar
    I just checked mine and it doesnt work eventhough it is turned on. I remember it used to work 😞

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    01-24-2014 08:16 PM
  3. Jelly Belly's Avatar
    Mine is the same. Something that I am unaware of makes the Haptic Feedback come and go as it pleases.

    I notice it first on the pattern lock. Mine is ok now but last week I had nothing and I haven't changed anything relating to the feedback
    01-24-2014 11:22 PM
  4. missmawarlina's Avatar
    I reformatted my note 3 the other day and haptic feedback was working for a while. I updated all the apps and haptic feedback doesnt work anymore.

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    02-22-2014 07:30 PM
  5. blitz118's Avatar
    Turn off power saving and haptic feedback will be enable.
    02-22-2014 09:44 PM
  6. missmawarlina's Avatar
    Turn off power saving and haptic feedback will be enable.
    Thanks..it worked again..lol silly me didnt notice the confliction between the settings..

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    02-23-2014 12:01 AM
  7. amadias's Avatar
    Why would they hide a major feature like "haptic feedback" in the Power Options?
    I cannot see any advantages to having it there. Except to make it more difficult for people to figure out, maybe on purpose?

    It should be controlled 100%, in the main settings for the "Device", (like the "Sound" and "Display" are).
    Everything should be in one place not 2 or three, like in my Dual Sim Model, there are at least 3 places to access different properties of the Sim cards:
    1.) Under "Devise" = Sim Card Manager
    2.) "[I]Connections" - "Mobile Networks" - "Access Point Names"[/I], (there you can see both Sim Cards).
    3.) "General" - "Security" - "Set up Sim Card...,"
    4.) I am sure there are more, I just don't feel like looking...,

    What a hassle this is. I can see their thinking behind this madness, all these are different features of the Sim card or whatever you are looking for, but there is a much better way to stream line these different settings.
    08-12-2014 06:31 PM
  8. Gabriel Carreno's Avatar
    i had the same problem but i noticed power saving was turned on 😂😂😂
    11-16-2014 08:54 PM
  9. Supun Nirmal's Avatar
    Turn off power saving and haptic feedback will be enable.
    thnx bro itz wrking
    11-19-2014 09:58 PM
  10. Gdefender's Avatar
    I know this is an old thread, but I ran into this problem today on my Note 5. I found a great Inside Galaxy blog post (sorry, the forum won't let me post links.)

    In my case the haptic feedback intensity got turned all the way down. Not sure how that happened, but it's fixed now!
    08-26-2015 12:12 PM

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