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    Think I posted this in the wrong place originally. Just ordered one of these babies. REally nifty looking 100 Original Baseus Unique Leather Case s View for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III | eBay

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    01-25-2014 08:32 PM
  2. mchi5's Avatar
    There is a huge thread just on cases.


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    01-26-2014 02:13 AM
  3. Kettle's Avatar
    I have the yellow one on my phone right now. It seems to add pretty good protection and doesn't add much bulk to the phone. I do enjoy being able to see steps and time through the front window. My only real complaint is that when in my magnetic car doc the case cover will bounce open and closed constantly turning the screen on and off.

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    01-26-2014 02:26 PM

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