1. uday1577's Avatar
    Hey everyone. So yesterday night I charged my phone (100%) and then went to sleep. Today morning I checked and saw that 20% of the battery was drained, with Android OS being the major cause. I then went to school and by the time I was back (around 4 hours) I lost another 8% or so battery without any usage.
    I had ended all active apps, cleared the recent list, greenfied the apps and also did a cleaner master RAM boost before sleeping.

    I searched the Internet and used Wake lock Detector and GSam battery Monitor and here are the results.


    Posted from my Note 3
    02-03-2014 03:33 AM
  2. thegame161's Avatar
    Well mine has taken up 13%.. I'm on 1 day of battery with 26% left... Not sure if mine is normal or not

    I lost 12% overnight over a 9 hour period bit I do get Alot of notifications overnight via twitter
    02-03-2014 03:58 AM
  3. thegame161's Avatar
    Mind is using 15% is that normal?
    02-03-2014 04:19 PM

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