1. look-fast's Avatar
    hi is anyone facing the same problems after the latest update on your note 3....

    1. SMS alert comes up on lockscreen mode even though the 'preview' setting is turned off... tried one suggestion to download 'screenlock policy'app to block widgets.. but it didn't work.

    2. in lockscreen mode, the clock doesn't update.. it gets frozen at the time you locked the phone.

    3. i get buzzes (vibration alert) for no reason.. can't figure out what app is causing it. tried checking all including facebook etc..

    4. camera shutter is very very slow.. need to always hold still for several seconds after click... otherwise it's blurred .. (samsung guy in singapore says to try full system reset!? but i don't want to do back-up and try!)

    just sharing..
    02-22-2014 12:04 AM
  2. Vix K's Avatar
    Having a same issue as your #2 after kitkat upgrade. I reported this issue to Samsung officially, and Samsung guy told he can find 1 more lockscreen clock case in SouthKorea. In SouthKorea, Samsung distributed kitkat on 24th JAN.

    So I guess clock issue is an unusual bug and need some time till Samsung fix it.

    Sorry about can't help you, however I'd like to say try factory reset. Maybe it can solve your other problems.
    02-22-2014 04:51 AM
  3. look-fast's Avatar
    haha thanks!

    i won't do factory reset... let's see how the bugs are getting fixed ...
    02-23-2014 05:07 AM
  4. look-fast's Avatar
    fyi I finally did factory reset. .. all's well now. .except for some missing apps which aren't supported now (yet?)...

    good luck!

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    03-27-2014 09:42 PM

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