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    Reveal what you are spending!

    What are your great phone deals in the US?

    How much or how little do you pay for great data inclusive plans? What did your Note 3 or other top smartphone cost on top, if anything?

    This has come up often inside other threads.
    What other incentives were available?

    This came up in comments for the UK Galaxy S4 Black Edition article, selling for an eye wateringly ridiculous 500.

    I think phone and limited data inclusive tarrifs are high here in the UK. Others think US users are paying much more per month.

    Sadly I haven't had contacts in the US or visited for several years.

    The cheapest for the most is not always best of course. Good signal, service and back up with a really good deal.
    Your stories please.
    03-13-2014 05:06 PM

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