1. Szajda78's Avatar
    What is battery time on your Samsung Note 3?

    My is about 5h on my Note 3.
    What is your battery status on your Note3-uploadfromtaptalk1395256344742.jpgWhat is your battery status on your Note3-uploadfromtaptalk1395256385981.jpg

    Skickat frn min SM-N9005 via Tapatalk
    03-19-2014 02:13 PM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    That's your active screen time though. Around 11 hrs for moderate use isn't too bad. Ask for more settings help and search for other battery threads. Swedish, Finnish?

    (I know! Too much time today)
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    03-19-2014 04:17 PM
  3. thegame161's Avatar
    Very good.. Alot of the time I don't even get 5 hours screen time.. Still get a full day in total though
    03-19-2014 05:47 PM

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