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    I am on vacation down here Puerto Rico trying to help my cousin with his Claro Note 3.

    He has a 787 area code phone number from Claro, but when you go into the phone settings under status, it is displaying a 512 area code and number which belongs to Texas. He got the phone in January of this year through Claro and has already taken it back 3 times. The only way for him to really hear the people well is by putting it on speaker phone.The issue is that the person who is calling him can barely hear him, it sounds "echoee" and he has a hard time hearing the caller. He got a second Note 3 for his wife on the same day as his, and hers sounds perfect from the caller as well as when she listens to the call. Her phone also shows on the phone settings number status a 512 area code phone number versus her 787 actual phone number.

    Last week, the tech appeared to fix the problem but after a couple of days started up again. They will not honor the warranty on this phone at this time even though its only 3 months old.

    I wonder if that 512 phone number that is showing on his status screen, is impacting his 787 actual phone number. Could this have been a returned phone sold to him and her as new????

    Any suggestions or comments that anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated specially if you're down here with Claro in Puerto Rico.

    I fly back to Texas tomorrow, but can relay any information anyone can provide back to my cousin.

    Ian B
    03-31-2014 01:49 PM

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