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    Anyone else deal with this: phone rings and I have it in my pocket....take it out to answer it and stays super dim forever. Same for texts etc. I run the auto brightness on, power save mode and the brightness bar is one click away from being all the way down. Any way to correct this with these settings?

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    03-31-2014 07:33 PM
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    04-01-2014 07:58 AM
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    Sorry no one answered you... try turning off power saver. I have a similar problem but have not found a fix. My problem is that if I use auto the screen is always too dark for me to read anything comfortably when indoors, so I set my phone to where it is comfortable to read using the slider for indoor use and click on auto when outside. Nice thing about the note 3 is that the scree brightness adjustment is right there a swipe away. I have always had this problem with every phone and this is the first one that made it so easy for me to adjust.
    04-04-2014 12:42 PM
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    Try out Lux auto brightness. It is MUCH better than stock.

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    04-04-2014 01:39 PM

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