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    Was looking for a better app for drawing with the s pen. I use sketchbook for galaxy. There some things I wish it had.
    Cut and move
    And others I can't think of right now.

    Would live to show you the art I been doing but don't know how to show you. + would like to see others art you been doing on the note 3

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    04-12-2014 04:32 AM
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    Hi. And we'd love to see them.

    You need the Tapatalk or AC Forums app to add screenshots of your phone.
    You can take a screenshot 3 ways and it will save to a Screenshots folder in Gallery.

    For me : 1. Hold Power and home button together, wipe over any personal data you want before saving with the edit bar tick. (Device - Display - Edit before Screen Capture on)
    Or 2. use the Screen shot mode in Air Command with the S-Pen.
    Or 3. Use a hand Swipe over the sensor with Control - Palm Motion - Capture Screen on.

    Have a look at the Sticky column where there are Homescreen and photo threads. Or post here, this is a good title, or there was a recent drawing thread:


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    04-12-2014 09:34 AM
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    Ok let me see if I can send my pic s - pen art apps-uploadfromtaptalk1397341754522.jpg

    Can you see this

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    04-12-2014 06:29 PM
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    Ok let me see if I can send my pic Click image for larger version. 

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1397341754522.jpg 
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    Can you see this

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    Yes - you got it working. Your sketch and JellyBeanGurl's look amazing. All with the S-pen? I'm looking at it on a PC which is even better.
    I don't know which thread to recommend you keep uploading to, see how it goes with others. You had questions about apps for this here as well.
    Really good.
    04-12-2014 07:30 PM

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