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    Hi guys! This isn't really a question, I'm just excited and wanted to share... I'm sure many of you are aware of this but you probably didn't think of it. Pen window is meant to be used quickly, like translating something while using an IM or making a calculation, but with a little rooting and a pen window manager (or even without rooting and just editing a few of your favorite APKs) it can be used in much cooler ways! Particularly, I use it to run multiple apps at the same time. Not for just a moment or two. Here are just a few examples where pen window is useful...

    Two apps at the same time. Sure, there's multi window, and it works pretty well, but the apps always get scrunched up in awkward ratios. Not a problem for some apps, but multitasking with pen window can resolve that issue. Ever notice two pen windows at minimum size fit perfectly with the stock keyboard? No weird ratios, nearly all apps work unimpeded, and the notification bar sticks around. Here is a practical example:

    Multitasking with Pen Window!-note3twoapps.jpg

    Facebook and Kik never looked so good together.

    You can also run four apps at the same time using the same principle. I don't see this being as useful but I'm sure someone out there would enjoy it. Unfortunately in this mode the bottom two apps will be clipped slightly by the upper two, but tapping on one of the lower apps will make it clip the upper one, so hopefully that's not a game breaking issue.

    Multitasking with Pen Window!-note3with4openappspartlycensored.jpg

    I can't guarantee this, but it would appear from my observations that apps being used in pen window don't know they're in a window, or at least most apps behave that way. My biggest use for this is Omegle (If you're unfamiliar with Omegle this part might sound confusing) I love to ask questions in spy mode, assuming the two are feeling intellectual. Sometimes they chat for a really long time. That's cool and all, but if I go home and use another app then eventually Chrome will shut out that chat and the two strangers chatting will be disconnected because I left. So my solution? Pen window! If I open Chrome in pen window then I can "minimize" Chrome for as long as I want, and from my experience that never closes Chrome or ends the chat. I can do other stuff and go back any time I want.

    Having already done the above, I got a new crazier idea. I had Chrome open as a normal, full sized app when the strangers' chat went off topic. I didn't want to leave because that would disconnect them and they were enjoying the chat, but I wasn't interested anymore. So, what'd I do? I opened Chrome Beta in pen window and started a new spy chat.


    Multitasking with Pen Window!-note3manyomegles.jpg

    There's one more thing I should tell you. Notice how whenever I have multiple pen windows open they are stacked neatly next to each other perfectly? I didn't do that but fooling around with them until I got it just right, it was actually very easy and knowing how to do it yourself may come in very handy! All you gotta do is open the pen windows apps, minimize them, and drag each one to a corner of the screen, like so:

    Multitasking with Pen Window!-note3fourcorners.jpg

    And that's pretty much it! I hope someone find all this useful. It can really expand the abilities of your Note 3!
    04-14-2014 03:53 PM

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