1. Yes Sequitur's Avatar
    Hey, Android Forums.

    Recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and have had a few problems with it. Most of which I have been able to find some type of workaround (for example I downloaded the VLC player app to play my music since the default player will not recognise any of the songs I have saved on my SD Card).
    The latest problem has me stumped, though:

    When connecting my device to my car stereo (Ford Fiesta Zetec) the music will play fine, and I can toggle between tracks using the cars controls on my dashboard and/or steering wheel.
    The problem arises whenver a few minutes pass and the phone naturally going to a lockscreen. This seems to disallow any remote access to the phone from the cars' controls.
    In effect, once the song has been playing for more than a minute I am suddenly unable to operate basic commands, like skipping forward or rewinding a track without physically pulling the car over and making the selection on my phone's handset. Then a minute later, the problem reoccurs.
    I can't imagine a phone as advanced as the Note 3 cannot do this, since my old Blackberry Bold was able to without issue. So I'm hoping some of you more experienced Android users could maybe offer some help?

    04-15-2014 03:06 PM
  2. ike1973's Avatar
    It won't fix the root cause of your problem, but you could use an app such as 'keep screen' that you can set up so that the screen stays on while using your music player. I use it while playing music in the car so I can see album art, artist, song info etc.
    04-15-2014 04:42 PM

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