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    Hello there! I am new to this forum but I sure hope you can help me.

    I have a Galaxy Note 3 and had not had any problems with charging and USB connecting.

    Then I tried charging it in my car with a USB 3 cable (not the one that came with my phone) and an old car charger with an usb slot. The charger said 5v output so I decided to try it. When I connected it the lightning symbol in the battery came on but the phone didn't seem to charge.

    I unplugged it and didn't give it more thought. Then when I came home I plugged the phone into the wall outlet (with the stock charger, after the battery completely drained) and the phone charged up to about 30% and then I unplugged it. When I plugged it back, later that night, nothing happened no symbol, no charging, no nothing. I tried turning it off and plugging in, then I felt a buzz and a battery symbol came up with a "loading" cycle in the middle. After that I started it up and it charged for the night.

    The next night the same thing happened, no charging until i turned it off and back on again. Now when I tried connecting it to my computer (with the stock cable) it wont show up in android file transfer and it does not show the usb connection symbol in the top corner (note that once during the charging fiasco mentioned above the "usb connection" symbol came up for a brief period of time).

    Its worth mentioning that the same day I tried charging my car I had put my phone away from me and noticed that there was a spilled energy drink where i put it, I cleaned it off put I wonder if that could be screwing with the connectors or something (maybe I should have started the post with that :-) )

    Does anyone have a clue what this can be?

    p.s please excuse my English as it is not my first language :-)
    04-15-2014 07:04 PM

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