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    Okay, first off I am terrible with computers, tablets, phones, anything that plugs in or takes a battery pretty much. I have a bunch of Apple stuff, and I love it, but there is one app that I really need for a business I run that is unfortunately only available on Android. I just bought this Samsung Note 3 tablet to get this app, I have been screwing with it for about 5 hours, and I can not get anything to work.

    First a little about me and my situation. I am an American living in Okinawa Japan. I bought the tablet at an American store on an American military base here. I can not just call google in America from here for help, and if I call google japan they all speak japanese. I have an American credit card, and an American APO address.

    First, I was prompted to set up some sort of Samsung account. I did,and they sent me a confirmation email that I have to click on to confirm my account. The email they sent me was all in Japanese, and after using google translate i figured out were to click, but nothing on samsung.com is loading for me, not even samsung.com itself.

    Second, I tried to figure out how to change the region of my google play store. I downloaded some Region Changer app that came up when i googled it, but when i try to change region to English U.S. it gives me an error:
    'Due to after Android 4.2 system limit RegionChagner can't granted permission (device not rooted) please use dab shell run pm grant tw.TigerHuang.RegionChanger android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION commands. or Enable USB Debugging and connect your device to your computer and run this http://goo.gl/rYgs5t'
    I have no idea what the hell this means. I tried plugging it into my computer and downloading whatever it was that the link goo.gl whatever took me to, but even after downloading some new program on my mac i can not get it to work, so my whole app store is still in Japanese.

    Lastly, and most important, when i try to download the app that I need, like right now, I get an error saying:
    "Your order was declined because it was considered high-risk. Please try again in 30 minutes."
    I have waited 30 minutes, I have tried different cards, nothing works. I have seen other threads here but I do not understand any what was said in them about this problem.

    Can someone please help me with all of these problems? I really really need this app right now.... Thank you!
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    04-20-2014 04:17 AM
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    Wow! Do I ever feel for you, I'd be pulling my hair out!

    I'm not going to be a huge help I'm afraid other than to tell you that the Samsung account is NOT necessary to use the phone. You will need a Google Gmail account, though.

    Do you have a way to contact your cell phone provider company (in English) from a different phone? I would think that they could help but you. Here we on Verizon can dial 611 and the recording will give us a phone # to call from another phone so you are free to use the cell with the problem to fix or set it up.

    Good luck! Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    Deb from my Note 3
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    04-20-2014 04:40 AM
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    Thank you for your quick reply! After a little investigating i think I posted this in the wrong forum, I thought my tablet was called a Note 3 but it is called a Tab 3, so it is not a phone problem... I have reposted in the correct forum, but I do not know how to delete this one, plus I do not believe my problems are specific to just one Samsung/Android piece of hardware, but a software issue.... If an admin wants to take this down though, I understand.
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    04-20-2014 04:48 AM

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