1. KobaltKour's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    When I got my Note 3 I found mymagazine really annoying and so I disabled and deleted it as much as I could, but as I'm not rooted I couldn't fully get rid of it - So it is left like this:

    "Unfortunately, E-mail has stopped."-screenshot_2014-04-23-16-53-39.jpg

    However, more recently, I found out I was not so clever and that when I get a notification from the stock email app and try to open it, I always get the message "Unfortunately, E-mail has stopped." I've looked around and saw that people get this when they disable mymagazine and it goes away after enabling it.

    Is there a way for me to re-enable mymagazine? As you can see the enable/disable button is greyed out on my phone.

    Thanks. Any help appreciated.
    04-23-2014 02:42 AM
  2. bbmontes's Avatar
    Ok... So i figured it out. dont know if you still need help. your going to have to re-enable My Magazine. To do that you go to Settings -> General -> Application Manager -> Scroll to the right till you get to ALL -> press the settings button and click on Reset app preferences. That will re-enable everything that was disabled. That should fix the issue "Unfortunately, E-mail has stopped."-screenshot_2014-08-13-10-52-50.jpg
    08-13-2014 10:14 AM

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