1. Outrospect's Avatar
    I have N900AUCUCMLG on my phone from the leak of KitKat and I can't get other ROMs nor can I root I tried restoring my phone back to MJ5 using this method ([12/29] Restore for MJ5 --Doesn't trip Knox and optionally provides root-- - xda-developers) but my phone keeps getting stuck on the Samsung Note 3 boot logo. Does anyone have a fix? I've been working at finding a solution for 5 hours :/
    04-26-2014 10:54 PM
  2. Alexander Mckeag's Avatar
    This is an old post, but just in case you still needed help, I found this today and it is easy and works I have the same Note 3 N900AUCUCMLG and I'm back up and running.

    [ROM][GUIDE][ROOT][AT&T][NC2_Bootloader][N900A MGL KITKAT][Stuck Download-Mode FIX] - xda-developers
    06-27-2014 05:50 PM

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