11-24-2018 05:09 PM
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  1. Tucay Castro's Avatar
    Hi, I was facing the same problem, tried the above steps, did not work. Then after I cycled through all the brightness modes on the du power saver app, the brightness bar was back.
    Hi, same problem here, i accidentally hit the power off button and when i power it on I was facing the same problem, i read above the night mode, downloaded it and nothing happens, downloaded DU power saver and it does bring my brightness and volume bar back. Thank you so much for this. I think night mode work on other and du power saver work on other as well, try both hope one of this app work on you. ☺
    03-10-2015 06:20 AM
  2. George Daniel Arteni's Avatar
    The night mode app worked great! Thanks!
    04-17-2015 02:09 AM
  3. Wolfgang Slany's Avatar
    Simple method without an additional app, found by trial and error before reading this thread: In the "Notification panel" device settings, *untick* the already ticked "Brightness adjustment" checkbox, *then* (and this seems to be the crucial step that has not been mentioned so far in this thread) go back out of this "Notification panel" screen by pressing on the arrow symbol at the top left, thereby coming back to the device settings screen, then once more go into the settings of the "Notification panel" and tick the "Brightness adjustment" checkbox to reactivate it, then once more go back to the device settings screen by pressing on the arrow at the top left. Voila! This worked already several times on my Note 3 running Android 5.0.
    04-23-2015 12:42 AM
  4. Glenn Lind's Avatar
    It's a bug in the touchwiz. Usually happens when the phone changes from day to night or vice versa and the auto brightness isn't selected. By turning on auto brightness it the brightness bar will show again. Without purchasing any app, SETTINGS - > DISPLAY - > BRIGHTNESS - > AUTO

    Alternately you can download a great app called HD Widgets which allows you to customize widgets. I made a 1x1 sized widget which toggles auto brightness on/off.
    05-08-2015 12:42 PM
  5. nikeshkm's Avatar
    Hi Wolfgang,
    Which "arrow symbol at the top left" are you referring to? Can you please post the screenshot? I also have note 3 running 4.4.2? Is it only visible in 5.0?
    05-31-2015 10:57 PM
  6. ashrbini's Avatar
    Hi! I already solved this and sorry i did not post the solution.
    Download an app in the play store called NIGHT MODE by bruno...
    Activate then deactivate.. the you will see your brightness slider back. U can uninstall the app later.
    Hope this helps.
    07-25-2015 05:11 PM
  7. ashrbini's Avatar
    A big thank you. . I've tried this and fixed my problem. . Thanks again. ..
    07-25-2015 05:14 PM
  8. spakone's Avatar
    BIG thank you. I've tried this and fixed my problem. Settings, Display, check Brightness. DONE
    09-09-2015 11:42 AM
  9. smartypants's Avatar
    Easier solution without any downloads. Click on S-finder and type in brightness. Scroll down to brightness adjustment and click. On new page Click on reset notification panel. Hoorah you're done! You're welcome
    01-30-2016 03:02 PM
  10. dentonj24's Avatar
    This did it! Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy. I still wish I knew why it disappeared in the first place.
    03-18-2016 07:41 AM
  11. Joji123's Avatar
    This app worked for my Galaxy S5, thank you much!!!
    02-05-2017 07:16 AM
  12. Yuukiisforever's Avatar
    Nothing is working for me I tried everything. I'm using Samsung galaxy core prime. I want it back.
    02-14-2017 03:25 AM
  13. davidpwhite's Avatar
    Just happened to me for the first time. I found that a system setting called pms_notification_panel_brightness_adjustment had been changed somehow from 1 (enabled) to 0 (disabled). this can be changed using some apps, I guess. But since I am rooted (this requires root) I simply opened a terminal window and:

    settings put system pms_notification_panel_brightness_adjustment 1
    and that brought the control back immediately. So worth a try for others.
    11-24-2018 05:09 PM
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