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    I was 'tweaking' my new Note 3, installing, uninstalling, disabling, etc and now I lost my voice input. Now I have to actually type all my text message. ARGH!!

    Truthfully, I don't know exactly what I did, I was trying to get rid of anything from Sprint and Google that seemed seedy. It even tricked me into making a Google+ account(now deleted). I was going through the app manager and removing/disabling apps I didn't think I needed or wanted. I KNOW... it was apparently a stupid move on my part.

    I did delete Google Voice - now reinstalled, Google Search - now reinstalled, Voice Search - now reinstalled. I also tried a new Google Keyboard... nothing. I don't have a voice input option anywhere!

    Please help!! Much respect and appreciation in advance.
    06-06-2014 04:27 AM
  2. CorvetteTom's Avatar
    Okay, after searching further I have resolved my own problem. I somehow disabled Google Search, by enabling it, the microphone is back.

    Posted my answer for anyone else with this problem.
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    06-06-2014 04:46 AM

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