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    TLDR: Will the DRM in the files corrupt the videos, if they're moved?

    Long Version: I wouldn't have bothered with the Samsung Hub, if I didn't get a credit due to buying the Note and a tablet. I didn't find any music there that I was interested in, that wasn't already on amazon or itunes. I did find some tv episodes that I haven't found anywhere else, so I got to use some of my credit before it expired.

    Prior to this announcement, I just left the video I purchased up on their servers, but now that it'll be gone, I've downloaded it to an SD card (and courtesy of an app, I know where it was put). I could have just transitioned to MGo, but I've read some posts where people have said that not all the content was available on the new service, so they've lost access to stuff that was on the Samsung Hub (since I guess once you transition, you can't go back).

    I have to imagine that these video files are locked down with DRM. Since they take up alot of the space on my sdcard, I'd LIKE to move them temporarily to my hard drive, until I want to watch them (at which time I'd move them back to my sd card). I also am hesitant to add another new app/subscription, MGo, that I otherwise don't care about.

    Has anyone had any luck in moving these video files, and been able to view them later?
    07-04-2014 12:13 PM

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