1. Trees's Avatar
    Any recommendations on a good app or method to do the following?:

    Upload/copy photos from an iPhone to my Note 3 via WiFi? (I know that Dropbox, etc. could be used, but want to keep copy traffic isolated to a local network).

    Since I organize my photos on my main computer via a location_date, or person, and activity type of system, I find myself having to sort through many pictures manually on the iPhone (since there is no locally exposed filesystem) and then copy them over to the destination folder on the computer.

    When using Android phones in the past, this was quite easy. Just copy photos from DCIM to the desired Pictures/ sub folder, and then when at home just copy the folder to contents to the existing folder with the same name; or copy over the new folder.
    07-30-2014 05:42 PM
  2. jpr's Avatar
    You could try the app Send Anywhere. It says it works with iPhone too but I don't have one to try.
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    07-30-2014 07:44 PM
  3. Trees's Avatar
    Looks promising. I'll check it out.
    07-30-2014 11:32 PM
  4. z06mike's Avatar
    Instashare might be what you're looking for!
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    07-31-2014 07:27 PM

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