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    Recently I realized my Note 3 was not charging correctly with the wall charger I was using. Using an app to check the current I released the charger didn't have a strong enough current.
    I decided to borrow a charger from my brother, which is an AC to USB wall charger and the current went up to how it should be for a Galaxy Note 3 phone, the only problem is its been bugging out.
    My phone charges just fine when the screen is on, but the moment the screen times out or I turn it off via the power button it pops back up again and shows that it's not charging before almost immediately vibrating and indicating it is charging.
    The port to my phone is not loose as this does not happen upon movement or when the screen is on, only when it times out.
    This is really annoying and I'd like to know if there is a solution to it.

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    08-20-2014 01:42 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Was the first charger you mentioned the original charger for the device? If not, do you still have it? Does the problem persist with it?
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    08-20-2014 02:24 PM
  3. Kay Ray's Avatar
    No the charger was not the original charger, which is why I originally changed the chargers out.
    Yes I still have it and no the problem does not persist when using that charger. It's just started happening with the new charger I am using.

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    08-20-2014 03:14 PM
  4. anon8380037's Avatar
    I have forgotten most of what I have gleaned about batteries on these forums. I do know that with a 2.0A (2.1?A) Samsung charger the Note 3 determines the current at different stages of charging. I think it can go as low as 800 mA and rarely gets to 2.0, more like 1.8. Around 50% the battery will be easiest to charge.
    If you get from >5-10% to 95% in around 90 minutes thats good, another 30 minutes to 100 %. Within an hour of that charging time and the charger is good.

    So change charging with the changed charger to avoid a charge for a new charger when changing to an old charger.

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    08-20-2014 04:03 PM
  5. Kay Ray's Avatar
    The current charger I'm using (which I'm experiencing problems with) reaches 1800 easily and stays there.

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    08-20-2014 04:06 PM
  6. anon8380037's Avatar
    So were you concerned it took too long to charge, or you think it should always be at 2.0A, which I would have also assumed. There were threads on this before if I could find them. The phone determines how much it takes in, so to speak, at various stages. The charger doesn't pump in 2.0A and has the phone at its mercy!
    Is it really slow to charge?

    BTW - before I am corrected, the % figures above were for example. That is, many here, @Rubkat and others know that it's much better for the battery to keep it above 40% as much as possible, and carry a spare - but realise that's not going to happen for many of us, so I often get below 5%

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    08-20-2014 04:18 PM
  7. Kay Ray's Avatar
    No, I'm not concerned with the fact it took to long with my original charger. I was, but that is why I switched to my new AC to USB charger that charges it quicker and at the right current.

    I'm concerned with the fact that the charger I have NOW stops will stop charging whenever my screen times out or is turned off via the power button.
    It will literally stop charging when the screen times out, in which the screen turns back on, the phone vibrates, and it begans to charging again.
    This only happens upon the screen timing out, so it's not a problem with the phone port being lose or anything, since I've already tested it.

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    08-20-2014 04:39 PM
  8. Kay Ray's Avatar
    I did a reset to factory and I think that fixed the problem. I believe it may have had something to do with the app I had installed to check the current.
    Either way, idk for sure if my problem is fixed but I think it is.

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    08-20-2014 05:03 PM
  9. anon8380037's Avatar
    I can't explain why it does that, but the obvious solution is switch back. Some apps survive by scaring people that there is something wrong. As mentioned by many more knowledgeable people, 1800mA is on the high end of the charging rate, so that's good. You don't say what the charger that is causing problems is reading, higher I figure, but the phone may not be able to control the output on that, I don't know.
    08-20-2014 05:07 PM
  10. Kay Ray's Avatar
    The charger that's causing problems is read in on average 1200-1800mA.
    My old charger only read 400 or something around there, which I read online is not enough (which is why it was barely even charging my phone)

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    08-20-2014 05:38 PM
  11. anon8380037's Avatar
    Ah. I misunderstood you, sorry. The 1800 output was for that one. That's what comes from my reading posts on the hoof.
    So you're back to square one at the original problem.

    You could look at it like this though - the correct charger is outputting only 400 to the phone, (all the way through?) That would normally increase or decrease at 5%, 50%, 95% (where I think it's at it's slowest).
    The phone controls how much it takes. With the other screen problem, both issue may lie with the phone or the battery. And no one mentioned the usb cable from the charger to the phone, if you use a detachable cable on both chargers. There have been more instances of faulty usb cables than any other cause of poor charging. So much so that Samsung send out replacement cables, no questions asked.
    Trying a different borrowed battery if you can (or cheap Samsung and Anker batteries on Amazon), and asking for another cable would be your next port of call. You may still have an issue with the phone itself though and should get help from your carrier or Samsung. Back up everything while you can, in case the screen locks you out, and also remove any pin/password lock so your computer can see your files.
    08-20-2014 06:43 PM
  12. Kay Ray's Avatar
    Factory reset still has not fixed my problem. I'm going to assume it has something to do with the cord since the other charger works fine and is not a USB

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    08-20-2014 07:53 PM

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