1. dakeb's Avatar
    The latest 4.4.2 Android Firmware update N9005XXUGNG1 has screwed up GPS with its new "improved accuracy" features. I don't use the improved accuracy options as i don't have great signal or wifi when driving and don't want to drain the battery faster than what the in-car charger can provide.

    But the basic GPS seems to be much poorer than it used to be.

    Using Google maps it often puts me about 20 yards off the road, or on an adjacent road, causing it to reroute often and unnecessarily.

    Anyone else noticed this behaviour?

    Also, they screwed up landscape mode again when receiving calls in the car dock. We get extremely large buttons covering the photo of the caller rendering caller id useless.

    It's the last time I do a firmware update, things ALWAYS go wrong afterewards,
    08-28-2014 08:10 AM
  2. Adrianb72's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same issue! What's worse is I'm in Philly on vacation and with the combination of buildings blocking the signal and the inaccuracy when out in the open, I'm making constant wrong turns and constantly being rerouted. Its almost useless...
    09-06-2014 10:06 AM

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