1. Formerly Known As's Avatar
    The Note 4 has some nice new features. Camera, heart rate monitor, and high definition screen. Did I see a little more ram? Some nice s-pen software upgrades, smoother UI, heart rate button as camera button.

    What I want to know are things like :
    Is the speaker any better quality?
    The button on my s-pen is flush with the side of the pen making it difficult/awkward to use. Have they addressed that?
    Would like to hear from those who get the 4 first.
    All in all a good evolution from the Note 3.
    My point is that all of these things don't add up to my Note 3 being obsolete. (I'm happy about that)
    I like the 4 but I can wait a while.

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    09-03-2014 09:52 AM
  2. Amia BooMaster's Avatar
    I agree. Although a phone never becomes completely obsolete just because a new model comes along.

    But anyway yah, I see nothing worth upgrading over.

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    09-03-2014 10:04 AM
  3. red.foxx15's Avatar
    Comparing the two (3 and 4) I dont know that there is enough difference for me to immediately upgrade to the 4. the Battery improvement and charging speed would most likely be the heaviest draw for me (thats if i owned a 3)
    09-03-2014 11:52 AM
  4. Deke218's Avatar
    The only draw I need is one is a 3 and the other is a 4. SOLD!
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    09-03-2014 01:45 PM
  5. darknes01's Avatar
    I have a few friends that have the note 3 now and they all said they will most likely pass on the note 4 since it is not a big deal of an upgrade at all. too bad i really wanted it to be an amazing flagship phone
    09-03-2014 02:02 PM
  6. zeuswsu's Avatar
    I was hoping they would make it water resistant like the S5. A better camera with image stabilization is really the only feature I see that I wish the note 3 had.
    09-03-2014 09:09 PM

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