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    I'm with T-Mobile and looking to change (using my jump) my iPhone 5s. Currently T-Mobile has the note 3 at a good price, as money is issue, and looking at it for taking daily notes for about an hour. A physical keyboard isn't an option as is recording the lecture. I need to take actual notes.

    I've looked at video reviews for the note 3, they only show the short post it note type note taking, but none really cover its versatility with long note taking. so I'm turning to actual users. ๐Ÿ˜„

    If you have experience in doing long typing or using the s pen for lengthy note taking please let me know how effiecient it is or lack of.

    Also to add, I'm looking at the Lg G3, but again, not many reviews cover the keyboard.

    My want list is, nice readable size screen, at least 5+ inches, smooth and efficient text input, either s pen Or keyboard, also good speaker is a plus.

    Thanks in advance!
    12-15-2014 09:05 AM
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    12-15-2014 09:20 AM
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    Thanks for the link. Awesome app. But unfortunately I have to input the notes myself. This is for studying purposes. (I, myself, putting in the information, is part of my studies) hopefully that makes sense. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Mainly I'm asking here if any users that have taken long, lengthy notes with their Note 3. And if so, on screen keyboard vs the S pen experience.

    Thanks again.
    12-15-2014 09:37 AM
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    I've done a lot writing on my note 3, sometimes for hours at a time. While I would prefer to use a computer for such things, the Note 3 does a good job. If you need something small and portable a Note phone is your best option. Of course something larger like a tablet or computer will always be easier for note taking, but those aren't going to fit into your pocket or be with you everywhere you go like your phone can be. I love the S Pen and find it easiest to take long notes with it but also use the stock keyboard with swipe enabled. The speaker I would say is average.

    I usually use an app called LectureNotes, which has many features to customize your note taking and was designed to use with the S Pen. It also has separate add-ons you can buy to record while you take notes. There is also Evernote which you get a year of free Premium features on the Note 3 and you can sync with your computer/the cloud. And there is the built in S Note, but I typically don't use that for long note taking but for shorter notes .
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    12-15-2014 10:44 AM
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    Excellent reply. Thank you for your detailed response and time. I agree as the phone is my only option when taking the notes. That's also good to hear the S pen is more effcient than Swipe. As for the speaker, I appreciate that. Coming from the 5s I'm sure it's on par with that.

    I actually utilize Evernote on the iPhone, so this is good news. If I may ask, As for using the S pen for lengthy notes, is Evernote your turn to option or the LectureNotes app?

    Also, when using the S pen in these apps, Evernote or LectureNotes, does it automatically transform it to text, or does it stay as handwritten?

    Thanks again for the response and time.
    12-15-2014 11:27 AM
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    I find taking notes for that long on such a small device to be very tiresome. Since the note 3 is so small compared to how big a normal paper is, you have to continuously scroll over to make room, but if you don't want to scroll you can just write downwards but then the notes get really ugly because they're a big ventricle chunk. I only find it useful for taking notes if I have to sketch a diagram. In that case I can zoom in and out, change brush strokes, use various colors, and to top of off I will be able to review the diagram where ever I go because it's in my phone. I am a university student and I have to take lecture notes everyday, and speaking from experience, using the note 3 for note taking is a hassle. A note 10.1 (or what ever the tablets name is) in my opinion would be a better choice for note taking

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    12-15-2014 11:56 AM
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    Excellent reply. Thank you for your detailed response and time. I agree as the phone is my only option when taking the notes. That's also good to hear the S pen is more effcient than Swipe. As for the speaker, I appreciate that. Coming from the 5s I'm sure it's on par with that.

    I actually utilize Evernote on the iPhone, so this is good news. If I may ask, As for using the S pen for lengthy notes, is Evernote your turn to option or the LectureNotes app?

    Also, when using the S pen in these apps, Evernote or LectureNotes, does it automatically transform it to text, or does it stay as handwritten?

    Thanks again for the response and time.
    I prefer LectureNotes over Evernote and the other programs I have tried. It has more features and more customizations, but it would all depend what you're looking for and also personal preference. I have the paid version. There is a free trial, which is fully functional but only gives you a limited number of notebook pages to work with, so you can try it out fully but if you wanted to use it long-term, you'd want to buy it.

    I also use the "video" addon to LN (which is not recording from the video camera) - it does a screen recording of what you are writing/drawing along with audio and can be converted into an mp4. So you can hear what is being said (by you or the speaker) while you are taking your notes. This can be useful in a number of circumstances. Of course you'd need to be in an environment that was conducive to picking up the voice properly. Even without audio, you may want the screen recording to see the steps used to draw/diagram something. There is no free trial for the add-ons though, just the main program.

    On the other hand, Evernote is free for the basic version and we get a free premium year through Samsung gifts. Evernote has improved since the app first came out and since the Note 3 came out and Evernote has added more S-Pen functionality and other new features. Since you are used to using it already, definitely give that a try if you get a Note device. You may find that sufficient without paying for an app. You can, btw, export LectureNote PDFs to Evernote also. (I'm not trying to push LN on you and am not associated with it, I just really appreciate the app, plus I have had very good experience when contacting the dev).

    When using the S-Pen you can choose whether you make your notes to stay in your own handwriting or to have them converted into text as you write them. There are two ways to convert them as you write. Using the handwriting pad in the stock keyboard, which can be used anywhere, or using Direct Pen input, which can only be used in certain apps (but both the above apps are included). You should try both ways as some people prefer one or the other (I prefer the latter) and the pad location/size/color differs for each and the functioning is slightly different. Now you should have reasonably legible handwriting if you want it to convert or you will be spending too much time correcting it. It works well for me but if only your closest relatives can read your writing, you'll probably be out of luck.

    Now if you don't have it convert, the benefit is not having to worry about corrections or checking if it is converting properly at all because your handwriting won't be changed. You can also easily use shorthand or abbreviations without it autocorrecting to something else. If you're used to having taken notes by hand before, you probably have shorthand that makes notetaking in your own handwriting very quick. But if you're someone who grew up only using computers to take notes, then you may not have this hard-earned skill.

    So, it depends what works best for you. I do both in different circumstances. When I know I am going to be drawing diagrams/pictures/writing equations in the middle of my notes, I prefer to keep my notes in my own handwriting. But when I am taking notes for something that I want to use to change into a report afterwards or if I'm taking meeting minutes, then converting into text makes that quicker.

    Handwriting will of course take up more space and depends on the size of your handwriting. Converting to text or just using the keyboard to type in the first place, will make the words much smaller than your handwriting can be and still be legible. So depending what you will be doing with your notes and how many pages will be needed, that may make a difference.

    Of course, you can always use the keyboard to take notes as well and I like the stock keyboard, using swipe (it actually uses swiftkey technology) or you can install any number of other keyboards that you like better. With other keyboards, you will not have the handwriting pad (but can still use direct pen input where available) and also will lose the built-in multi-item clipboard button which is handy. I use the keyboard for typing when I'm not taking notes, and I can type pretty quick with it.

    I prefer using the S-Pen for note taking. One reason, not mentioned before, is because I find it easy to look up at the speaker while taking notes in my own handwriting. Again, this may depend on whether you grew up taking notes by hand or not. But I can easily write multiple full sentences without looking at my phone and concentrate on what the speaker is doing/saying. When using the keyboard, I have to mostly look at the phone to make sure I'm hitting the right keys and check the words are right. If you need to keep your eyes on the speaker or a whiteboard/blackboard, then either handwriting or using a physical keyboard are your only options really (assuming you cannot be talking in the situation, in which case you can use speech to text).
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    12-15-2014 03:25 PM
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    I really appreciate your thoughtful and very informative response. I will definitely look at LectureNotes. The video add-on you mentioned seems like a useful tool for my circumstances also, i.e. diagrams, more so for utilizing the on-screen recording, as the envirroment I'm in is of complete silence excluding the speaker himself.

    I will definitely download Evernote once I receive whichever device I final,y choose. (I'm leaning more towards the Note 3). Especially with the honest and helpful responses that have been presented here. Also this just icing with receiving the premium version for a year with the Note purchase.

    I've seen some videos using the S pen with the keyboard. But not sure if I've seen any with the Direct Pen input. This feature really sounds to what I'm looking for in the Note. I'll admit I'm old school, so handwriting shouldnt be too much of an issue, as I seem to be the only one utilizing cursive with my note taking compared to my peers. (It seems to be a dying art form these days).

    My issues, are when I use my English vocabulary along with Hebrew or Greek words. iOS has some issues with many of the words I type. Though it's just a little distracting to keep it from auto correcting, though it will finally remember some terms.

    One item that you mentioned about diagrams along with your notes really intrigues me as well. As I can see this being a valuable feature for my studies. (Being both for clinic and Bible studies). As for the space, this is something I'll definitely try out to see which might be more beneficial for my studies as well as the specific task at hand. Not sure about how well swipe may work for me, as mentioned about having to auto correct certain terms, but I will try it out. Also thank you for mentioning the clipboard function. Completely forgot about this function for the note. This will also be very useful.

    I understand your preference to use the S pen over the keyboard, as I do this with an actual pen and paper. I've been able to type somewhat effieciently while looking away. But prefer, as you mentioned to use a pen. And no, I wouldn't be able to utilize text to speech in my circumstances.

    I really appreciate your input and time you've taken to answer above and beyond my concerns about the Note 3. This exceeded what I would have expected in the responses. I resepct your appreciation for this device. I also enjoy and appreciate the technology that is availble to us these days.

    Again, thank you for your time. You have helped very much in my consideration for this device.
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    12-15-2014 06:22 PM
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    I use Lecture Notes extensively on my Note 3 and 10.1-14.

    Via my Note 3
    12-20-2014 10:37 PM
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    Ask me about Puppah!

    XT1096NiT Fury. AndroidCentral Moderator
    12-21-2014 06:17 PM

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